ClaimWizard is the leading public adjuster claims software company. Over 500 different public adjusting firms license their claims handling software. I routinely meet with and discuss claims handling issues with the ClaimWizard owners, Dave and Lynette Young, at various property insurance claims conferences throughout the country.
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A recent Texas Administrative Proceeding involving a public adjuster1 highlighted what public adjusters have to fear if investigated by a Department of Insurance. In the Texas case, here were the areas of inquiry:
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The answer to this question would have been “no” until a Texas appellate court sustained first amendment challenges to Texas law last week.1 Now, the answer in Texas is “maybe.” The matter is not resolved because the case has now been sent back to the trial court where evidence and facts will put a lot “legal meat” to this legal controversy.
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A public adjuster from Arizona, David Young, sent me a Florida Administrative matter for my review. He indicated it appeared that Florida was requiring parties to an appraisal to hire licensed adjusters or public adjusters.
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One of the basic duties which public adjusters are supposed to accomplish for their policyholder clients is to evaluate the amount of damage and properly file a proof of loss if one is required. I was thinking about this while reading a fairly recent Florida case1 where a public adjuster failed to file a proof of loss on behalf of the policyholder despite the insurance company demanding one in writing. This failure to file a proof of loss cost the policyholder an otherwise valid claim.
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The Marina Del Rey Hotel is a hidden gem in Southern California. It is nestled among thousands of sailboats and is a perfect setting for a conference. The California Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (CAPIA) will hold its Annual Convention there this coming Thursday.
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