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It’s that time of year again. The countdown to the 2014 Legislative Session has begun. Although the Session does not officially begin until March 4, 2014, several insurance related bills have been filed already. In addition, the House and Senate insurance committees are meeting to discuss these bills and other issues of importance to insurance consumers around the state. Go to www.policyholdersofflorida.com and click on “Bills to Watch” for a complete (and up to date) list of all insurance-related bills that have been filed in the House and Senate.

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On Friday we talked about the bills that managed to pass through the legislature, but this session, the real story was what didn’t pass. Thanks to a lot of hard work by consumer groups like Policyholders of Florida and a once-in-a-decade political environment that forces all of our state’s non-cabinet elected officials to answer to voters, we managed to dodge most of the insurance industry’s anti-consumer bills.

While it might be appropriate to break out the champagne, rest assured that the industry will be back again next year fighting to enact this same legislation. With that said, consumer groups, policyholders and public adjusters should be proud of what bills didn’t make it to the Governor’s desk.

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I wanted to take a moment to thank all who participated in the movement against Citizens’ proposed rate hikes.  All of your hard work advocating on behalf of policyholders across the state truly made a difference. Thanks to you, Floridians were saved from one of the largest insurance rate hikes this state has ever seen. You should be proud!

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Floridians won a great victory on Tuesday. Against the wishes of powerful legislators in Tallahassee and the exceptionally influential insurance lobby, Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty struck down most of Citizens Property Insurance Corporation’s proposed 447% sinkhole insurance rate hikes.

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