Hurricane Ian brought a significant storm surge with it. In some areas, the storm surge was reported to be up to 15 feet. Of course, this raises insurance questions such as what caused the damages to the property, the high winds associated with the storm, or the flooding. This will be a major topic of dispute in insurance claims over the next few years. However, Florida’s Valued Policy Law may be able to offer some guidance.

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Why aren’t the federal flood insurance limits at least equal to the amount which the Federal government backs Fannie Mae mortgages? Why haven’t federal flood limits on residential policies kept up with inflation? Why do they stay the same for over a decade? And why isn’t the increased costs of compliance coverage up to $100,000, so people can rebuild to the new flood standard?
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A Florida public adjuster called and asked if a Hurricane Ian national flood insurance proof of loss had to be filed within 60 days. That answer is “no,” as explained in Hurricane Ian Flood Proof of Loss Deadline Extended. FEMA extended the deadline for 365 days.
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The Florida Bar has taken a very proactive stance regarding wrongful solicitation of Hurricane Ian and Nicole policyholders. The Florida Bar filed an emergency Petition today for suspension of a Florida attorney working for an out of state law firm. The Petition alleges, among other items, deception in the solicitation of Hurricane Ian claimants:
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National Flood Insurance adjustments can be extraordinarily maddening for people trying to get a fair adjustment. For example, the Superstorm Sandy flood adjustment fiasco led to a Congressional investigation and thousands of flood claims being re-opened and eventually paid years late because those overseeing the program and its attorneys nitpicked and refused to pay claims for the stupidest wrongful reasons.
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Additional living expense (ALE) coverage is extraordinarily valuable to victims of Hurricane Ian. These benefits are often overlooked because insurance policies do not provide examples of common living expenses. United Policyholders provides such a list:
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I was selected by the judge overseeing the Champlain Towers collapse in Surfside, Florida, to be the insurance coverage counsel for the class of victims. There were numerous lessons that all condominium boards, their lawyers, and property managers should learn from studying that tragedy. One of those is the role of inspections to critical areas of the structural integrity of the condominium.
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