Insurance companies routinely have instructions for their claims adjusters on how to adjust various types of losses. State Farm has some of the most detailed claims guidelines in the industry. I have often stated that for first-party claims, relevant claims guidelines should also be provided to the policyholders who suffer losses. Why not?

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Colorado Springs was hit by epic hail storms this past July. Reports noted tennis ball size hail and citizens shoveling away hail as if it were a snowstorm. A massive number of hail storm insurance claims resulted. As sure as the sun rises, disputes about how much is covered and the amount owed under the policy are now topics of heated debate.

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I was crying as the verdict was read in the Phoenix federal district courthouse. So was my client. We won a very hard fought multi-million dollar hailstorm trial against Travelers. It came only because of hard work. The short video above is of our client explaining why we won.

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Hailstorms are wreaking havoc as noted in Brandee Bower‘s post yesterday, Greetings From Hail Alley. After contacting their insurance companies, some policyholders unfortunately find their insurance companies deny the claims based on exclusions in the insurance contract involving wear and tear as well as inadequate maintenance.

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Steve Badger‘s recent article regarding hail damage claims, The Emerged Hail Risk: What the Hail is Still Going on and Getting Worse, is a bit of a rant. He had one nice thing to say about me being "a well-known and respected policyholder attorney," but he laid into problems caused or supported by other lawyers, public adjusters, consultants and contractors. While he did not mention it in the article, he also filed a class action lawsuit detailing many of the problems about which he is complaining.

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Only insurance company claims managers and their paid for lawyers could argue that a hail dented roof is not a covered loss under a property insurance policy which specifically covers hail damage. A federal appellate court decision issued last week1 helps put an end to these crazy attempts by insurance company lawyers that argue virtually anything to get out of the contractual promise.

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If you are a Public Adjuster or Roofing Contractor working in the property damage insurance claim industry, you no doubt have been seeing more and more hailstorm/windstorm claims in recent years. In researching some of the many issues surrounding these claims for my presentation at the recent Windstorm Insurance Conference, several challenges seemed to consistently appear within the items listed from each person I contacted.

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Along with many of my Merlin Law Group colleagues, I will be attending the Windstorm Insurance Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans January 19-22, 2015. If you are an avid reader of this blog, you likely already know that the annual Windstorm Insurance (WIND) Conference provides a forum for review and discussion of windstorm and related property insurance issues. It is billed as the only conference of its kind focusing solely on windstorm claim issues and is geared to many different levels and professions in the property damage insurance industry.

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