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Mudslide in California—Are You Covered?

As everyone watching the news knows, there were horrific mudslides in Santa Barbara County this week caused by flash flooding in the fire-scarred Santa Ynez Mountains. Due to the fires that have ravaged Southern California in the past month, the scorched earth—lacking shrubs that can absorb water—is especially susceptible to mudslide when there is a … Continue Reading

New York Federal Court Upholds Earth Movement Exclusion Where Soil Settlement Contributes to Collapse

Many insurance policies specifically exclude earth movement and if the facts permit, the insurance company may raise this exclusion when a claim is asserted. This issue is currently being litigated in Superstorm Sandy cases in both New York and New Jersey. A recent Eastern District of New York federal court decision discussed the earth movement … Continue Reading

Governor Cuomo Announces Plan to Compensate Victims of Superstorm Sandy Denied Coverage Based on FEMA Regulation

Governor Cuomo recently announced that Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Irene, and Tropical Storm Lee  victims who have been denied coverage on their flood claims based on a controversial FEMA regulation, will be fully compensated through the New York State Housing Recovery Program.1 This is good news for the hundreds of Sandy victims whose coverage was either … Continue Reading