Our firm has been receiving calls from a large number of Florida condominium associations over the past few days regarding the increasing problems associated with the oil spill that is plaguing the gulf coast. I have a personal connection to this growing crisis. I spent a large portion of my life in Destin, Florida, and part of my family still lives and works in the area. Late last night, I flew to the panhandle to see what our firm could do to help.

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The Merlin Law Group has been responding to inquiries from potential, current and former clients who have contacted its offices with concerns about the effect of the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill on their properties and businesses. These inquiries are wide ranging. Most are asking about preparation issues to prevent damage as well as legal help documenting damage and the law firm’s representation of them for those claims.

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I hate to make doomsday predictions, but there is a possibility that the BP Oil Spill could be worse than any hurricane or catastrophe that I have been involved with. I spent yesterday speaking with others about the current situation. Indeed, my father teaches those in the oil industry how to recover and react to oil spills. Unless the source of the oil is stopped or slows down soon, oil is going to be all over the northern Gulf Coast and Florida. If the spill cannot be contained or slowed in the near future, it will significantly impact our economy.

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A number of former and current clients have called our offices about the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. They have expressed fear about damages to their business and property, as well as actions that they can take take to protect themselves from the consequences of this disaster. We have already been retained for business losses as customers of clients are cancelling plans for travel to the Gulf Coast. If something does not change soon, this disaster will likely be much worse than most hurricanes. It has the potential to be worse than any of them.

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