I have known John Pappas since 1980. We were classmates in law school. I think I helped get him the job at the 100-plus person insurance defense law firm that now bears his name. Because we have been bitter adversaries on a number of cases, most people find it surprising that he was the best man at my marriage.

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Paul Butler was my first legal mentor. John Pappas was a classmate of mine at the University of Florida School of Law, and the best man in my wedding. They have built a hundred attorney law firm representing solely insurance companies. We have cases against them all the time. As they are physically located several floors below us in the same office building, and both David Pettinato and I worked at the firm in different eras, we have a pretty good idea of what our familiar foes are about.

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"Ensuing loss" provisions are the "Lazarus" clauses in property insurance policies. Property damage claims otherwise excluded from coverage, are raised from the dead and paid as a result of them. They are difficult to understand and the court decisions seem inconsistent. However, when there seems to be an event that is excluded, many times a