Assignment of Benefits

An article in the Insurance Journal, New Hampshire Body Shop Owner ‘Winging’ Own Case Beats State Farm in High Court, about an assignment of benefits (AOB) case caught my attention. State Farm’s attorneys lost to a non-lawyer in New Hampshire’s Supreme Court.1 The dollar dispute was overwhelmed by the practical implications of the case. The article noted in part:
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Restoration Association of Florida (RAF) and a restoration contractor did not let Florida Governor DeSantis’ ink dry before filing a lawsuit seeking to quash the new property insurance legislation. RAF recently filed a lawsuit against Florida’s Insurance Commissioner, as noted in last month’s post, Restoration Association Accuses Florida Insurance Commissioner of Unconstitutional Conduct.
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The world of managed repair is being argued about and fought over in Florida. While most property insurance policies have traditionally allowed insurance companies to elect the option to repair or replace damaged property, few insurance companies elected the option when it comes to real property damage. This is no longer the case in Florida.
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Insurance restoration contractors play an important role in a policyholder’s, and often community’s, recovery following a disaster. Many restoration contractors have contracts calling for them to be paid what the insurance company agrees to pay on a claim. Those same contractors have Assignment of Benefit contracts (AOB’s) to ensure payment of claims monies for the repair work they do. This is a normal method of operation throughout many states after disasters happen. Policyholders want to immediately start with their repairs but have not finalized the amounts owed to do the repair work with their Insurance carriers.
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When properly documented and planned, the sale of a damaged property does not create an opening for the insurance company to escape liability from its insurance obligations. When selling your property during a pending insurance claim, policyholders can assign the claim to a new buyer or retain their right to receive insurance benefits under the policy.
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