Formal discovery in insurance lawsuits is replete with protracted discovery battles, insurers motions for protective orders, and evasive responses from insurers trying to avoid turning over information damaging to their case. Historically, some of our biggest breakthroughs have come from “alternative” sources
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The best way to prepare for an insurance settlement is to prepare the case for trial. Trying to predict what would probably happen at trial is a great way to gauge the value of an insurance dispute.

I am writing this while flying to New Orleans for a mediation tomorrow morning. This blog post may be removed if the matter settles–so read quickly.

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I was toasting the work of our legal team following a hard fought resolution to a very complex matter last Friday evening. One of the attorneys working with me as outside co-counsel’s husband worked for AIG. He briefly joined us, and I commented that I was certain his wife cursed me for all the late

On Monday, I was working on the Port of New Orleans lawsuit against Factory Mutual, when it dawned on me that the Port’s current property program was underwritten by Lexington Insurance Company. I wondered how many large corporate risk managers were calling their brokers concerned that a possible bankruptcy by AIG would affect an entire range of corporate risk management. Tuesday brought even more concern. I received messages from annuity brokers, including one that I have not heard from in eight years, telling me that the settlements of lawsuits which were funded by long term annuities probably were not in jeopardy and that we had acted "reasonably" by placing those settlement funds in AAA rated insurance companies which were subsidiaries of AIG. I did not like the tone of those emails because they implied that former clients may bring suit against me if the AIG collapse effected those annuities.

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