As my wife and I welcomed our second son into the world a little over a week ago, we were consumed with the joy and excitement of bringing a little one into this world! We were fortunate in that he was very healthy and there were no unexpected health concerns. What about when medical attention is needed immediately after the birth of a child? If the parents have medical insurance coverage, at what point does the newborn become an additional insured entitled to coverage under their insurance? Does it happen at conception, delivery or at some other or later point? After all, being entitled to the benefits of the insurance coverage can mean saving thousands of dollars in out of pocket medical expenses.

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I footnoted in last week’s post that this week’s post would address an insurer’s subrogation rights against an individual or entity listed as an additional insured in an insurance policy. An additional insured is a

person or organization not automatically included as an insured under an insurance policy of another but for whom the named insured desires or is required to provide a certain degree of protection under its insurance policy.1

Additional insureds often come about by

an endorsement added to the policy[,] which either identifies the additional party by name or by a general description contained in a ‘blanket additional insured endorsement.’2

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