An insurance company may have the right to examine its insured under oath in connection with its investigation and evaluation of an insurance claim. Most insurance policies impose an obligation on the insured to cooperate with the post-loss investigation. An insured’s failure or refusal to comply with an obligation to cooperate by submitting to an

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”
—Robin Williams

Carefully reading your insurance policy is crucial because the interpretation of just one word can impact whether a policy provides coverage for your loss. Sometimes coverage can turn on a simple conjunction such as the word “and.”
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It is not often that I am able to find a property insurance issue involving my favorite sport—golf! I previously wrote in Hole in One Insurance Coverage, about a dispute involving a hole in one contest at the July 2015 PGA tour event, the Greenbrier Classic, where the charity that was operating the event, Old White Charities, Inc. (“Old White”) sought coverage for two prizes it was obligated to pay in a hole-in-one contest.
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