The Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC), created in 1902, regulates the state’s insurance industry to ensure compliance with all applicable laws.1 One way the SCC does this is by investigating consumer complaints against insurance companies, agents, and adjusters. If you think that your insurance claim or policy has been delayed, wrongly denied, deliberately underpaid, or improperly managed, you can file a complaint with SCC and request an investigation into the matter.
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At this point, it seems that Hurricane Florence will strike and cause damage to buildings and homes beginning on Thursday, September 13, 2018. While hurricanes seem to always have an ingredient of unpredictability, the experts at the National Hurricane Center are warning of extreme winds, intense rain and storm surge.
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The Carolinas are bracing for the impacts of Hurricane Florence – currently a Category 4 hurricane at time of publication. Unlike many storms when the hurricane track is hotly debated, and landfall is anyone’s guess, the tracking models seem to be in agreement:

Hurricane Florence

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Attention all South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia property owners! If your property was damaged by the storms that commenced on September 27, 2015 through October 15, 2015, continue reading.

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Late last night, I was watching Bizarre Foods, one of my favorite shows on television. For those who are not familiar with the show, it follows a plump bald headed guy who travels all over in search of interesting eats. The episode I was viewing featured the State of Virginia. Apparently, the cicada (a winged insect that makes a buzzing sound) is catching on as a delicacy. I’ll pass, thank you. Anyway, the show oddly inspired me to continue the state-by-state series on total loss standards. Since Virginia has yet to be covered, I will now turn to Virginia.

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In general, business income loss coverage is triggered by the occurrence of a covered peril that causes physical loss or damage and results in a slow down or a total cessation of operations. As such, understanding first party property coverage is the cornerstone of understanding business interruption claims. Coverage analysis varies from state to state and practitioners must constantly follow the subject to remain competent in this field.

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