A ruling yesterday by a federal judge in Texas1 seems to indicate a trend where federal courts will prevent bad faith claims from going before a jury if the insurer has an expert opinion supporting the denial of a claim. The court dismissed the bad faith portion of the lawsuit with the following rationale:

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They say you should save the best for last. So, Steve Badger, Rene Sigman, and yours truly are making the last presentation at the Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjusters Spring Conference on March 2 in Austin, Texas. Given our preparation, the title seems appropriate, Three for One & One for All! A Lively Discussion of Hot Topics In Texas Claims & Litigation

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The Louisiana Department of Insurance has taken the extraordinary step of filing an administrative action against a Texas-based law firm. I have been working in the first-party insurance claims business for over forty years. I have never seen anything like this.  

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Insurance agent negligence cases typically come to me with the following question: “Chip, I think the agent messed up. What do you think about bringing an action against the insurance agent for errors and omission?” My first two thoughts on this question are:  

1. Do you know how complex agent negligence cases are?  

2. In what state did this happen?

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Appraisals are a common alternative method to litigation for resolving property insurance disputes. Still, the time to file suit varies from state to state, even when an appraisal is invoked. Policyholders should be wary that even though an appraisal is invoked, some states still allow the time to bring suit to run despite the ongoing appraisal. Statutes of limitation when an appraisal is involved can be a complex and often overlooked aspect of a claim with disastrous results if the issue is not legally analyzed.
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This post is an update on Can Texas Roofing and Restoration Companies Advertise That They Are Insurance Specialists and Can Negotiate on the Policyholder’s Behalf? The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) has filed a Petition for the Texas Supreme Court to take up the case rather than simply returning to the trial level for further proceedings.1 Whether the Texas Supreme Court will do so is anybody’s guess, but the Petition has some very interesting arguments.
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Public adjusters perform valuable services for policyholders. In any complex property insurance loss, a policyholder should consider hiring a public adjuster. In my book, PayUp!, I noted how important it is to select a “good” public adjuster:
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The answer to this question would have been “no” until a Texas appellate court sustained first amendment challenges to Texas law last week.1 Now, the answer in Texas is “maybe.” The matter is not resolved because the case has now been sent back to the trial court where evidence and facts will put a lot “legal meat” to this legal controversy.
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