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New York Governor Signs Order to Expedite Aid from Public Adjusters

In an effort to get Super Storm Sandy claims handled faster, Governor Cuomo issued an executive order making it easier for out-of-state public insurance adjusters to work in New York and help policyholders with their Sandy claims. The goal of this executive order is to increase the number of qualified adjusters available to New Yorkers. … Continue Reading

When it Comes to Penalizing Insurance Companies for Bad Behavior, it’s Better Late than Never

This past week, the California Department of Insurance (CDI) settled an enforcement action against an insurer over claims handling practices from the November 2008 Sayre wildfire. The insurer charged with wrongdoing was New Hampshire Insurance Company (“New Hampshire”), a subsidiary of AIG. The Sayre fire burned in Sylmar, California, and was the eighth most damaging … Continue Reading

California Regulations Detail Time Limits for Insurer Claims Handling

California is known to have consumer friendly laws when it comes to insurance. With all the codes and regulations, it’s good to know the California Department of Insurance (CDI) published "Fair Claims Settlement Practice Regulations" under Title 10 of the California Code of Regulations. Although Title 10 encompasses many facets, the regulations provide a concise … Continue Reading

A Call for Homeowners Insurance Reform

Professor Daniel Schwarcz has called for regulatory reform of the homeowners insurance market as noted in yesterday’s post, "Insurance Regulators and Lawmakers, Judges and Insurance Consumer Advocates Should Study Professor Daniel Schwarcz’s Work." Unlike many who point out problems with no suggested solutions, Professor Schwarcz offered simple solutions that would dramatically improve consumer protections in … Continue Reading

Are Florida Policyholders With Sinkhole Losses Doomed Without Coverage?

The fix appears to be in for sinkhole losses. The insurance industry and lobby worked hard to set the rhetoric in its favor. Florida’s Insurance Commissioner seems to now be more concerned about appeasing the insurance industry to keep his job rather than taking on an industry he used to battle. Many policyholders with property … Continue Reading

Public Adjuster Regulatory Appeal to be Argued Today

Frederick Kortum vs. Alex Sink will be argued before Florida’s First District Court of Appeal this afternoon, sometime after 2 p.m. In Public Adjusters Lose 48 Hour Solicitation Ban Case and Public Adjuster Lawsuits Move to Appellate Courts, I discussed this important appeal which concerns the constitutional rights of public adjusters to solicit following a loss.… Continue Reading

Fifteen Interesting Questions Regarding Property Insurance Every Florida Adjuster Wants Answers

The Florida Department of Financial Services regulates those licensed to adjust claims in Florida. One of those licensed, is a long time friend and a person very familiar with the regulatory process, Mark Boardman. Boardman recently filed a unique Petition for Declaratory Statement with the Florida Department of Financial Services, asking fifteen pointed questions regarding the propriety of various … Continue Reading

Greenspan Public Adjuster Interviewed About Unauthorized Public Adjusting

Amy Bach, the Executive Director of United Policyholders recently interviewed public adjuster Masood Khan. In United Policyholders’ summer newsletter, Khan, a vice president of The Greenspan Company Adjusters International, was interviewed regarding a number of important topics. One of the more controversial comments he made will be of concern with accounting firms, consultants and contractors. Masood Khan … Continue Reading

Public Adjusters Investigated While Insurance Industry Leader Acknowledges He Only Knows Public Adjusters That are Honest and Hardworking

Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal, which sits in Miami-Dade County, ruled yesterday that a public adjuster constitutional challenge to the public adjuster fee limitation and solicitation restrictions that was filed in Miami-Dade County should have been filed in Leon County. As noted in Sink Appeals Public Adjuster Suit: Delay Possible For Miami-Dade County Public Adjuster Lawsuit, … Continue Reading

Breaking News on Florida Public Adjuster Regulation

The Florida House of Representatives appears to be following the lead of the Florida Senate regarding public adjusting. As noted last week in Amended Florida Public Adjuster Bill Passes in Florida Senate Banking and Insurance Committee, significant amendments to the original language of proposed legislation regulating public adjusters is moving through the Florida Senate. These … Continue Reading

Breaking News Story: Florida Insurers Hide Profits While Claiming Losses to Get Rates Raised

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune conducted a year long investigation into the manner Florida insurance companies diverted premiums and monies as expenses and losses to hide actual profits. This revelation is probably shocking to many who have been told repeatedly that the Florida insurance industry is losing money as a result of "unfair" rates and for other … Continue Reading

Are Florida Insurance Companies Really Losing Money? Are Investors Using Management Companies To Take Profits and Leave Little Surplus for Policyholder Claims?

An Order by the Office of Insurance Regulation shows one method some Florida insurers may use to “poor mouth” losses to the public and our legislators in Tallahassee while taking millions home through shell accounting techniques. Many of the smaller insurers operate as three corporations–the insurer, a managing general agent, and a holding company. It … Continue Reading

Adjusters Have Codes of Ethics: Florida’s Are Significant and Need to Be Enforced

All adjusters, whether company, independent, or public, have significant ethical obligations in Florida. Indeed, these adjusters even have an obligation to turn each other into the Department of Financial Services. The failure to do so is, by itself, a breach of the adjuster’s ethical obligations: (g) An adjuster shall promptly report to the Department any … Continue Reading

Sink Appeals Public Adjuster Suit: Delay Possible For Miami-Dade County Public Adjuster Lawsuit

There are two active lawsuits with very good attorneys representing public adjusters who are challenging the 48 hour solicitation ban and the fee caps. The first one was filed in Miami-Dade County, as I reported in Florida Public Adjusters File Lawsuit to Overturn 48 Hour Solicitation Ban and Fee Caps. The second lawsuit challenging only … Continue Reading

Consumer Advocates Call “Insurance Choice” Legislation Misleading

Three consumer advocates published a letter, Property Insurance Deregulation Too Costly, which claims that currently proposed Florida legislation calling for no regulation of insurance rates is bad for Floridians "because the average consumer does not have the resources or information to determine when a rate is excessive, the opportunity for the [insurance] company to abuse consumers … Continue Reading

Sean Shaw is a Refreshing and Intelligent Advocate for Floridians–We Deserve This Type of Representation

Why do so many of our politicians play to the lobbyists and support laws that harm the average person and voter? This is exactly what has happened with important laws sponsored by the insurance industry lobbyists and then proposed by Florida Senator Mike Bennett of Bradenton and Representative Bill Proctor of St. Augustine. These politicians … Continue Reading

Public Adjuster Lawsuit Challenging State’s Cap on Fees and Solicitation Ban Survives Venue Change

In a widely read previous post, Florida Public Adjusters File Lawsuit to Overturn 48 Hour Solicitation Ban and Fee Caps, I noted how a lawsuit in Miami-Dade County challenged the fee cap and solicitation ban on public adjusters. The State challenged venue, and in a recent order, the trial court denied the change of venue.… Continue Reading