Should I stay or should I go? This pivotal question is one many of us grapple with in our relationships. Everyone in long-term bonds will, at some point, confront moments of doubt or uncertainty. I believe it is essential for individuals to reflect on the underlying reasons for these feelings. A critical question to consider is, “Why am I in this relationship?” By understanding the purpose and fulfillment derived from the relationship, you can make more informed decisions about its future implications, whether you stay, leave, or change.

While interviewing Tim Woodard over the past two weeks, I returned to these thoughts about staying or leaving relationships. For public adjusters, “Why should you join an association? What do you get out of it? Why join one versus another?”  

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Steve Patrick inspired me to write today’s post. In Level The Playing Field, he commented that “adjusters are persuaded by those they like, trust, and respect – just like prospects do with sales professionals. This is human nature.”  

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To determine whether the appraisal award must apportion items line by line, the appraisal panel should first read the policy. The panel should also consider state law on the issue. The answer to the title’s question is… “It depends on policy language and state law.”

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In the wake of Hurricane Idalia homeowners who have never filed a claim with their insurance carriers will be treading new ground. We have experience working with insurance carriers, and unfortunately, the carriers sometimes do not perform as they are required by the company’s own contract and Georgia Law. We are experts in this area of law and have attorneys ready to help you with any questions, concerns, and guidance through the process.

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Where else are you going to be involved in American lava flow claims other than Hawaii? What is really going on following the Maui wildfires? Restoration contractors who are thinking of becoming public adjusters, public adjusters who are sole practitioners, and those new to the public adjuster business will appreciate the story and my interview with Robert Joslin. Robert is self-made. He had a very successful construction and insurance restoration contracting business before becoming Hawaii’s first full-time resident public adjuster. His website noted the following:

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The first rule regarding insurance agent negligence in California is to hire experienced insurance agent professionals who are experts in the business, duties, and responsibilities of how insurance agents and brokers are supposed to conduct their business. This post is a promised follow-up to a recent post, The Nuts and Bolts of California Property Insurance.In addition to the materials Dan Veroff and Victor Jacobellis presented in their seminar, I want to share an example to prove my point about the need to hire an insurance agent expert to determine if a case is worthy.

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I find myself deeply touched by the outpouring of concern I’ve received through calls, emails, and texts. Even from unexpected sources like Steve Badger, there’s been an overwhelming wish for my safety in the face of Hurricane Idalia. This gratitude, however, is tinged with a strange irony. While my home and community might be spared, someone else will bear the brunt of this storm. I can’t help but think of the cherished bay scallop hunting areas, stretching from Steinhatchee to Homosassa Springs, that hold so many fond memories for me. They stand the risk of being decimated by the fierce winds and the impending storm surge.

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