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Why do commercial insurance lawyers only study insurance cases? I was thinking about this while debating an excellent, but issue ignorant, insurance company lawyer about a particular coverage issue which his client promotes differently at the point of sale versus what he was arguing about the coverage. Similarly, my blog discussion of the Six P’s and Six E’s has nothing to do with insurance coverage cases, but the theory of modern business interruption. Understand the theory, how the policy should be working, and the law should catch up later and even learn from the theory.
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The Six P’s and Six E’s form a traditional framework for understanding business interruption analysis, as noted in The Six P’s and Six E’s of Business Interruption Coverage. Today, I am going to discuss the second and third P— “Property” and “Perils.”
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Are you really a business interruption expert? Can you recite the Six P’s and Six E’s of Business Interruption Claims? This afternoon at 2 PM EST, I will be quickly addressing these concepts, with an emphasis on one P—The Period.
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Business interruption issues, questions, and debates seem to be the current rage regarding property insurance coverage. There are some excellent discussions and analysis from a number of lawyers who have been involved with this field for quite some time. From reading a number of recent lawsuits, a lot of lawyers involved with some of these lawsuits have no idea what they are doing. I bet a number of company, independent, and public adjusters agree with me.
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Fox News ran a televised segment about the ability of businesses to collect for lost income and property damage after the recent riots. The good news for most business owners is that the vast majority of all commercial policies will cover the property damage and business income losses caused as a result of these unfortunate incidents. I was happy to be the insurance commentator for Fox News reporting that coverage should be paid for business losses rather than be the bearer of bad news.
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For anyone following the daily flood of developments regarding business interruption and COVID-19, insurance commentator Bill Wilson is a good source to read and follow. Astutely, his website is Mr. Wilson’s newest post, It’s Not Just About ‘Direct Physical Damage’,1 raises interesting new arguments about Civil Authority claims – a sub-coverage within business interruption. He breaks down some factors that lean both for and against civil authority coverage for COVID-19 claims based on some interesting historical research.
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With COVID-19 business closures, legislatures across the country have been grappling with new questions, including what protections may be afforded by business income insurance. As of late, members of legislatures in states like New York1 and Pennsylvania2 have all proposed legislation in favor of affording coverage for claims that might otherwise be excluded. While these bills have not passed, they may offer some indication about what legal issues could arise in the future.3
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A number of federal class action cases involving businesses shut down from the COVID-19 crisis have resulted in requests for federal cases to be consolidated to one court The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation will decide if that will happen.
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Business interruption can be a hot button topic among business owners and carriers alike. The purpose of business interruption insurance is to protect business owners for the loss that occurs for not being able to use a specified location.1 Questions often arise on how to compute the loss of revenue when a business’s operations fully close due to a covered loss. However, what can a business do to better protect itself if its operations are only partially interrupted?
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