Kelly Kubiak is one of Merlin Law Group’s most successful attorneys. She and I will discuss the examination under oath on a free livestream at 2 pm.

The United States Supreme Court long ago remarked on the purpose of the Examination Under Oath:

The object of the provisions in the policies of insurance, requiring the assured to submit himself to an examination under oath … was to enable the company to possess itself of all knowledge, and all information as to other sources and means of knowledge, in regard to the facts, material to their rights, to enable them to decide upon their obligations, and to protect them against false claims. And every interrogatory that was relevant and pertinent in such an examination was material, in the sense that a true answer to it was of the substance of the obligation of the assured.1

Ed Eshoo, from Merlin Law Group’s Chicago office, wrote an excellent article published by Adjusting Today,2 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Examinations Under Oath — But Were Afraid to Ask! Kelly and I will be liberally taking topics raised by Ed Eshoo.

We will also go over practical aspects about examinations under oath (EUO) which get raised every time an insurer demands a policyholder attend such an examination. An EUO is an important and formal event which can determine if the claim is going to be paid or litigation will result.

So, join me this afternoon and bring questions for Tuesdays at 2 with Chip Merlin as Kelly Kubiak and I explore this important topic.

Thought For The Day

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1 Claflin v. Commonwealth Ins. Co., 110 U.S. 81, 94-95 (1884).
2 Adjusting Today is published as a public service by Adjusters International, Inc.