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Is a “Matching” Dispute Appropriate for Appraisal?

In my last blog post, I discussed Windridge of Naperville Condominium Association v. Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company,1 and the issue whether appraisal is appropriate to resolve a dispute over the need for a general contractor to perform repairs following a covered loss. Windridge of Naperville also involved whether appraisal is appropriate to resolve a dispute … Continue Reading

Pair, Set and Match

A public adjuster recently asked me about a hotel that was under a specific brand and the contract to maintain the brand required the rooms and furniture to match. Following a loss, the insurance company has refused to pay for the portions of the physically undamaged property and the policyholder paid millions to match the … Continue Reading

Is matching required in Missouri?

In the area of property damage law, one of the hot topics these days is matching. If only a portion of a structure is damaged and the material to be used to repair or replace the damaged portion is no longer available, is the insurance company required to replace the entire area so the siding, … Continue Reading

“You Break It, You Bought It” and Other Repair to Undamaged Property

Florida Statute § 626.9744(1) requires a Florida homeowner’s property insurance to cover repair or replacement of undamaged property when it is damaged during repair. Specifically, subsection (1) of this statute (2011) states: When a loss requires repair or replacement of an item or part, any physical damage incurred in making such repair or replacement which … Continue Reading

Matching Lawsuit and Order that Makes the Policyholder’s Point

The Minnesota Attorney General had enough of insurance companies failing to live up to the promise of putting policyholders back into the same position they were before the loss. Currently, the situation is the same throughout the nation, where insurers say they will do one thing, but have their attorneys argue out of the bargain … Continue Reading

Coverage Issue of “Matching” Roof Tiles or Shingles Shows How to Use the Search Function of this Blog

I received a comment to my post, Cosmetic Damage is "Physical Damage" and Recoverable Under a Property Insurance Policy, asking the following: What about matching of the roof tiles or shingles? The new ones are always going to be different. But, the insurance companies are not paying for the entire roof. In this case the … Continue Reading

Matching Coverage Disputes and Disagreements are Routine and Not Going Away–Don’t Miss Our September 11 Seminar in Houston Which Covers This Topic

Insurance claim denials and disputes involving “matching” are frequent. I received this recent comment on the topic of matching: Hey Chip Back on 5/17/09, Cat adjuster posted a comment regarding matching of aged paneling and tile floors. You advised that maybe the adjusters were relying on Texas Case Law regarding causation. In my experience, the … Continue Reading

Provide the Right Proof so Your Insurer Will Pay Costs to Repair or Replace to Match Texture, Color and Likeness

If you have questions on insurance coverage, I have answers. A public Comment and a few private questions to yesterday’s post, Matching of Property Damage is Statutory in Florida, were enough cause to provide some general case examples and one significant suggestion.… Continue Reading