In Florida Statute § 627.70152: Part 1 – A Rushed Mess, we explored the significant error in Florida Statute § 627.70152 dictating the requirements for a “Presuit settlement demand.” Then in Florida Statute § 627.70152: Part 2 – What’s In Your Notice?, we took a dive into the murky waters of the Notice of Intent to Initiate Litigation required by Florida Statute § 627.70152. Now we will talk about the near-impossible task of calculating attorney’s fees and costs pursuant to Florida Statute § 627.70152.
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This blog follows Florida Statute § 627.70152: Part 1 – A Rushed Mess, to further explore the anticipated disaster as this law continues through its infancy. Here we explore the Notice portion of the law as outlined in Florida Statute § 627.70152(3)(a) and its potential impact on the claim or case.
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With the closure of the statute of limitations for Hurricane Irma related claims, we are faced more and more with claim denials based, in part, on “prompt notice” and/or “late notice” language from the insurance carrier. But was the claim actually reported late? Well, that depends on the reporting requirements as outlined in the insurance policy.
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In a recent string of motions filed be counsel for insurance carriers, there have been attacks on policies held by seasonal residents.

The crux of the carrier’s argument rests in the all-but-forgotten Fla. Stat. § 627.401(2), which states: “No provision of this part of this chapter applies to: … Policies or contracts not issued for delivery in this state nor delivered in this state, except as otherwise provided in this code.” Notably, Fla. Stat. § 627.428 falls within the noted part of the statute chapter, and Fla. Stat. § 627.428 allows a policyholder to obtain compensation for attorney fees and costs upon rendition of a favorable judgment.
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