Photo of Lucas Morehouse

Lucas H. Morehouse joined Merlin Law Group’s New Orleans office in 2021. Lucas has extensive civil and criminal litigation experience.  Morehouse also has a boutique practice emphasizing tax litigation,  representing clients before the IRS, the Department of Justice Tax Division, and the Louisiana Department of Revenue.

Morehouse is a native of Louisiana and originally from New Orleans. He went to Ben Franklin High School, where his wife now teaches. He received his undergraduate degree from Louisiana State University where he double-majored in History and Political Science. He stayed in Baton Rouge and received his Law Degree from the Paul M. Hebert Law Center at Louisiana State University. Lucas is a proud Louisiana Tiger fan.

Morehouse has firsthand experience witnessing the devastation of a major catastrophe following the loss of his home from Hurricane Katrina in 2005. He says that experience has helped him identify with storm-ravaged communities and empathize with individuals who have lost everything. Lucas believes there is no doubt his favorite thing about being a lawyer is being able to help people. He recognizes that there is underlying stress dealing with insurance companies as businesses, families, and their communities try to rebuild and deal with the insurance technicalities at the same time.  Merlin Law Group is fortunate to have a lawyer dedicated to the recovery of Louisiana and who has an extensive background helping businesses and others with all types of litigation.

The Louisiana Property and Casualty Insurance Commission is a panel created by statute and made up of members from various backgrounds representing government, consumers, and members of the insurance industry. The panel exists to suggest changes and improve the State’s insurance market. To that end, the Commission reviews and examines issues affecting the availability and affordability of property and casualty insurance and creates a report covering its findings. I was reviewing the most recent report, which covers 2019 and 2020, and I thought it was interesting just how much has changed since the last report was released.
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August 27th marks the two-year anniversary of Hurricane Laura’s landfall in Southwest Louisiana, and besides bringing back a lot of painful memories, that means it will be the last day to bring a lawsuit against insurers for damages caused by that storm.
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