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Since 1983, Chip Merlin has served as a plaintiff’s attorney with a focus on commercial & residential property insurance claim disputes and bad faith insurance litigation. Chip is a noted national authority on insurance bad faith, lecturing to national trade groups and publishing a number of papers and articles on the subject for organizations such as The American Association for Justice, The Florida Justice Association, The Windstorm Insurance Network, and Trial Magazine.

As founder and president of Merlin Law Group, Chip has dedicated his practice to the representation and advocacy of insurance policyholders in disputes with insurance companies nationwide.

Chip served as Chair for the Bad Faith Insurance Litigation Group and Secretary for the Fire and Property Insurance Litigation Group for the American Association for Justice (formerly known as the Association of Trial Lawyers of America). He was also Vice-Chair for the Subcommittee on Property Insurance Law for the American Bar Association.

The “Culture of Cancel” is not with the Georgia Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (GAPIA.) Their Board is hardworking and progressive. They have set an online conference for Tuesday, July 14, 2020. So, you can attend from anywhere and still be there.
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The first two E’s of business interruption insurance claim theory were discussed in, The First Two Elements of The Six E’s of Business Interruption Coverage—Extent and Experience. Today, we are going to discuss the elements which are Excluded and Effort. I know I am skipping “Extra” but Extra deserves extra discussion.
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Declaration of Independence signer Benjamin Franklin helped form The Philadelphia Contributionship For The Insurance of Houses From Loss By Fire in 1752. It is America’s longest tenured property insurer. It has withstood the test of time, has a rich history and even a museum you can visit.
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Insurance coverage gaps, miswritten policies, and non-reviewed insurance policies are routinely found after hurricanes do catastrophic coverage. It is still not too late for business owners in hurricane country to review their insurance policies, meet with their insurance agents, and get a plan in place.
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The Six E’s

  1. Extent
  2. Experienced
  3. Excluded
  4. Extra
  5. Effort
  6. Enough

The essence of the Six E’s is that insureds may receive benefits to the Extent of the loss Experienced, not resulting from Excluded causes, and also for Extra expenses incurred, provided that Effort is made to reduce the loss and there is Enough insurance purchased.
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Why do commercial insurance lawyers only study insurance cases? I was thinking about this while debating an excellent, but issue ignorant, insurance company lawyer about a particular coverage issue which his client promotes differently at the point of sale versus what he was arguing about the coverage. Similarly, my blog discussion of the Six P’s and Six E’s has nothing to do with insurance coverage cases, but the theory of modern business interruption. Understand the theory, how the policy should be working, and the law should catch up later and even learn from the theory.
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The Six P’s and Six E’s form a traditional framework for understanding business interruption analysis, as noted in The Six P’s and Six E’s of Business Interruption Coverage. Today, I am going to discuss the second and third P— “Property” and “Perils.”
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Are you really a business interruption expert? Can you recite the Six P’s and Six E’s of Business Interruption Claims? This afternoon at 2 PM EST, I will be quickly addressing these concepts, with an emphasis on one P—The Period.
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I own a number of insured boats. Amy Currotto and I are representing boatowners on several boat insurance disputes. Marine insurance policies are often thought of as being under admiralty law, but is it? It is important for the policyholder to analyze which law is applicable in order to properly evaluate coverage.
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