Windstorm Insurance Network

I attended the 13th Annual Windstorm Insurance Conference® in Orlando last week. Windstorm is one of those rare meetings that bring all types of industry professionals together (regardless of affiliation) to engage in professional debates about the trends and issues recurring in the first party property and casualty industry.

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The Windstorm Insurance Network® held its regional symposium in Atlanta yesterday. I was the moderator of a panel on layered insurance programs. My panel included Harvey Goodman, of Adjusters International and Goodman, Gable and Gould, John Intondi of AXIS and Matt Litsky from Phelps Dunbar. These are some very prominent and experienced professionals. After going over a working breakfast review with them, I felt confident about our presentation despite the dryness of a very complex insurance coverage topic.

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For public insurance adjusters, safety should be a top concern when inspecting a loss.
I wanted to remind public adjusters how important it is to be aware of your personal safety when adjusting losses. You are often put in dangerous situations, and it is human nature to take safety and security for granted. Sometimes it takes a close-call to remind us that we need to be more cautious, careful, and calculated in our actions.

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Insurance defense attorney Janet Brown founded a valuable organization and conference for the windstorm insurance industry where ideas and lessons are shared every year. The 12th Annual Windstorm Insurance Conference will be held in Houston on January 24-27, 2011. For claims adjusters and those involved with hurricane or tornado losses, this is a "can’t miss" event.

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On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal Published the article, "Sinkhole Claims Threaten To Engulf Florida Insurers." Chip Merlin promptly provided this story to you in his post, Public Adjusters and Sinkhole Claims Topic of Wall Street Journal Story.

There were several comments on the post which provided perspective from the field. The public insurance adjuster mentioned in the newspaper article was Tim Zeak, of Florida Public Adjusting.

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