Windstorm Insurance Network

The Windstorm Insurance Network, its members, officers, and board members deserve a huge shout-out. The WIND website lists donations to those suffering from disasters for almost 20 years. The most recent donation is for the tragic Maui wildfires:

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The Windstorm Insurance Network (Wind) is a one of a kind organization where representatives of insurers and policyholders collaborate in a professional exchange of information and learning about wind damage claims. A recent notice about flat roof claims issues caught my attention. Tara Stone is on the Wind board of directors and has organized this event. I think it is worth your attendance if you handle claims involving wind damage to flat roofs. 

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Larry Bache pushed our firm to trademark “Contenders Not Pretenders” because he was tired of seeing unethical, faker attorneys advertising on social media. The Windstorm Insurance Conference, which will be held later this month in Orlando, is full of contenders from which we all can learn. I always look forward to this conference because of the diverse views and teachings which make me a better policyholder insurance lawyer. If there is one Hurricane claims conference where adjusters, attorneys from both sides of the aisle, engineers, insurance agents, roofers, restoration contractors, and other windstorm insurance experts can learn their trade, this is it.  

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The Windstorm Insurance Network is a unique insurance claims organization because it insists on providing competing insurer and policyholder positions regarding claims issues. Long ago, in 2008, I discussed the history and philosophy of the Windstorm Insurance Network in The 2009 Windstorm Insurance Conference:
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Happy Father’s Day!

Pablo Caceres is an experienced insurance defense attorney from a very reputable law firm who has raised the issue of whether the appraisal process violates the constitution. In an answer to a lawsuit by a condominium trying to enforce the appraisal provision, Caceres made the following argument on behalf of his client, Empire Indemnity Insurance Company:
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Following up on the recent post, Appointment Of Umpires and What Qualifications Matter To A Court?, Robert Norton from the IAUA ( Insurance Appraisal and Umpire Association) reminded me that I wrote a blog, What is a “Competent” Umpire for a Property Insurance Appraisal. I quoted a lot of authorities in that post about what type of person would be a qualified umpire. Still, I noted the following personal view:
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The first accomplishment I was able to cross off for my 2020 was my work on the Windstorm Insurance Network’s Annual Conference. As many of you know, Chip Merlin is a big fan of writing down goals so that you can execute them. At the end of January, together with defense attorney Illon Kantro, we celebrated as conference committee co-chairs when the 21st annual conference wrapped.
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Chip Merlin and Rusty Shelton

Merlin Law Group cares about insurance consumers’ interests. Insurance company lawyers only care about their profits and profits for their insurers. I mentioned in David Berardinelli Was a Policyholder Advocate, that I would be completing a book with ForbesBooks about insurance policyholders and this book, Payup!, is about to be published this November.
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American politics and government can make people extraordinarily upset. The very nature of democracy, modern regulation, those being regulated and those regulating promotes active and emotional disagreements of what is the best public policy and how it should be determined. So, my first observation from yesterday’s post, Colorado House Bill 18-1153 Concerning Appraisals for Insurance Claims Killed in Finance Committee Hearing, is that Scott deLuise is very upset that the recent legislation he worked to draft with others and believed in, did not become law in Colorado—his lifelong and beloved state. I have been in similar losing situations and can empathize with him.
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Last week, Richard Tutwiler of Tutwiler and Associates, Matthew Garnett of Vernis and Bowling, Heather Filegar of Southern Healthy Homes, and I presented at the 2018 Windstorm Insurance Conference at the Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel.

Rick Tutwiler who will be the President of the Windstorm Insurance Network in 2020, wanted to expand the course offering presented this year, so we proposed a topic that had not been presented in the past: Where Wind Meets Fire: Interesting Issues in Claims Where the Wind Brings Fire, Ash, Smoke, Soot and Ash to Other Properties.
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