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Hidden Damage from Wildfire Claims

Losses from wildfires across the United States over the past decade have added up to $5.1 billion.1 In addition to damage typically expected from fires (smoke, soot, ash, water from fire-fighting hoses and extinguisher chemicals), some homeowners may face the additional risk of damage caused by suppression efforts, specifically aviation-based firefighting.… Continue Reading

Where Wind Meets Fire – Wildfire

Last week, Richard Tutwiler of Tutwiler and Associates, Matthew Garnett of Vernis and Bowling, Heather Filegar of Southern Healthy Homes, and I presented at the 2018 Windstorm Insurance Conference at the Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel. Rick Tutwiler who will be the President of the Windstorm Insurance Network in 2020, wanted to expand the course offering … Continue Reading

Department of Insurance Bulletin Provides Notice to Insurance Companies and Useful Information for Wildfire Victims

Last month, the California Department of Insurance issued a notice to insurance companies, insurance agents, and public adjusters regarding the recent wildfires in the state. Although the notice is directed to insurance companies, agents, and adjusters, it provides useful information for policyholders affected by the wildfires. According to the Department of Insurance press release discussing … Continue Reading

Napa Wine Country Wildfire Town Hall

The recent fires in Napa Valley and Sonoma, California present numerous issues for homeowners and business owners alike when it comes to navigating insurance claims. Questions arise as to what coverages are provided under a given insurance policy, how determinations on what is owed are made, what are the options on rebuilding, loss of income … Continue Reading

Voluntary Claims Handling Reforms for Wildfires Promoted by California Insurance Commissioner

My colleague Denise Sze recently blogged about the Butte and Valley wildfires. More than 5,000 homes were damaged or destroyed. Indeed, many residents face a painful road to recovery. Last week, to increase the speed of the recovery process for wildfire victims, California Insurance Commissioner Jones obtained agreements from several insurance companies to adopt various … Continue Reading

Colorado Wildfire Victims Experiencing Difficulty with Insurance Companies

Last week, Chip Merlin commented on the emotional impact of catastrophes, especially when insurers fail to deliver benefits or treat their policyholders unfairly. Indeed, policyholders facing great losses turn to their insurers in their greatest time of need and expect that the insurers deliver. Unfortunately, as we have seen before, insurers do not always come … Continue Reading

Wildfires Continue to Ravage Western U.S

This year’s wildfire activity in the western part of the country, including the states along the Pacific Coast, has been very active to say the least, and it’s still early in the wildfire season. The Taylor Bridge Fire, near Cle Elum Washington (75 miles southeast of Seattle), has burned 60 homes and over 26,000 acres. … Continue Reading

California Enters a New Year “On Fire”

As California enters the New Year, both Northern and Southern California have experienced problems with wildfires. Of the six fires in the Northern California Region which occurred over the last month, one still remains active and is only 40% contained in Calaveras County.… Continue Reading

Don’t Get Burnt on Wildfire Claims–Attend the TAPIA Fall Conference to Find Out How

Wildfire insurance claims are raging in Texas. The Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjusters will talk about wildfire claims at its Fall Conference in Dallas on November 16 and 17. The speaker presenting this topic promises that the discussion will be practical, guaranteed not to put you to sleep, and worth hundreds of thousands of … Continue Reading

Texas to Launch Wildfire Mapping Site

Television Station KXAN of Austin, Texas, reported recently that the Texas Forest Service will be creating a system, the Texas Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal, to pinpoint wildfire damage anywhere in Texas. The Texas Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal is an online mapping tool that the Texas Forest Service will used to send risk information and create … Continue Reading

Texas Fire Insurance Claims: How the Law Handles Total Losses

Many of you are aware of the devastating fires that severely damaged central Texas during the past few months. In Bastrop County alone, the fires consumed 34,000 acres and 1,600 homes, according to an investigation released by the Texas Forest Service. If you are one of the thousands who has suffered fire damage, you may … Continue Reading