My dear firefighter friend Keahi Ho lost his home and boat to the wildfire in Maui while saving others and battling the blaze. He and his girlfriend, Ali Grimes, asked me if I could post something for other victims in Maui to help with their insurance recovery.

The request has a simple solution: Click on this link.

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Ever get the feeling that where you are or what you are reading about is somewhere you have been? While reading the Marshall Fire Investigative Summary and Review, I kept thinking about where I was while watching and learning from Dan Whalen and his team at the Marshall Fire Town Hall, which I noted in What Were the Causes of the Marshall Fire? The bottom line is that Dan’s team’s theory of loss is very similar to the results of the criminal investigation. The insured and uninsured victims of the Marshall Fire have valid claims against Xcel Energy.    

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Sunday evening in Boulder, Colorado, was very enlightening and educational. I intently focused on a presentation by my co-counsel Dan Whalen and his stellar and experienced fire recovery team from Engstrom, Lipscomb & Lack. They discussed the science and law applicable to the Marshall Fire and legal actions holding against utilities responsible for contributing to wildfires. 

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Yesterday, while I was busy in a Denver federal court successfully arguing against attorneys for State Farm on most points, the Colorado Division of Insurance announced a new regulation1 to provide some relief to policyholders suffering from the historic Colorado wildfires that have struck this beautiful state over the past several years.  

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How many apartment complexes and other structures have dangerous residue from smoke, and the landlord does not want to find out how bad it is for fear of losing tenants? A proposed Colorado law takes aim at this difficult issue.

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A pamphlet, Are Our Schools Safe After the Marshall Fire, caught my attention. The bottom line is that smoke damage caused by urban wildfires is much more dangerous than conventional wildfires. The parents of school children in the vicinity of the Colorado Marshall Fire are correctly raising concerns about the safety of schools impacted by toxic smoke damage.    

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Direct fire and heat damage has been easy to spot from the Marshall fires. There are many more smoke damaged structures that insurance companies know are damaged and dangerous to occupants. Some owners return to work and live in those structures, and many are questioning if it is safe to do so. A recent story, No return: The Unseen Toll of the Marshall Fire’s ‘Standing Home’ Survivors, sets the stage and explains part of the current situation:
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Property owners and property managers need to face the reality if they have a property that is smoke damaged from wildfires. Following my recent post, A Safety Video Every Homeowner In a Wildfire Area Should Watch, two articles in Restoration and Remediation Magazine should be read by property owners, property managers, restoration contractors, and property insurance adjusters.
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