Those familiar with Super-storm Sandy claims are aware that FEMA can extend/waive the formal proof of loss requirement within the Standard Flood Insurance Policy (“SFIP”) under the National Flood Insurance Program (“NFIP”). FEMA has extended the proof of loss deadline for Sandy claims until October 29, 2014. But what about flood losses that affect an area smaller than the widespread effects of Sandy? The SFIP requires a proof of loss to be submitted within sixty days from the date of loss, and FEMA may be less likely to issue a formal written extension of time when there is less political pressure surrounding a loss event. FEMA can waive the proof of loss requirement for a particular policyholder, but any waiver must be an express written waiver. There is a recent Florida case involving FEMA’s waiver of the proof of loss requirement.1

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Tropical Storm Debby has moved out of Florida and into the Atlantic. However, it has left its mark behind, leaving many to pick up the pieces. Living in South Tampa – where the drainage is notoriously bad – I witnessed Debby’s force first hand. In fact, my in-laws suffered severe damage to their dock and had storm surge waters splashing against their house – they were among the fortunate ones.

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