On May 25, 2013, I wrote about how to help after devastating tornadoes swept through Oklahoma. Now, one year later, I felt it was important to again post to help the victims of the tornadoes that ravaged many states in the South last week.

So often we find ourselves complaining about bad traffic, a waiter who makes a mistake with an order, or other very trivial issues. Then something devastating – shocking eye-openers like the Boston Marathon bombings or a rampage of tornadoes – happens and we remember what is really important. Being 5 minutes late to a meeting or not having Swiss cheese on a sandwich is insignificant.

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From April to June, 2013, the state of Oklahoma was slammed with continuous severe weather, including multiple hails storms and horrific tornadoes. Roofs were destroyed, cars totaled, and many people had to relocate. After the storm, these policyholders contacted their insurance companies for help.

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In our line of work, natural disaster is often at the forefront. We work hard to restore the tangible (e.g., property) lives of policyholders to a pre-loss condition through the very instrument purchased to accomplish same – insurance. But what about helping to restore the lives (tangible and intangible) of policyholders before insurance benefits are paid? Well, I am very proud to say that we lend a hand on that front too! Take a look at the efforts of the Merlin Law Group family (via my wife and mother-in-law) over the last six days in Moore, Oklahoma:

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On Monday night, I was speechless and stunned as I learned about the devastation in Oklahoma. Days later, I still can’t find the words to express my feelings, but what I can do is share information and try to help. Two organizations I was proud to support this week are WIND Network and United Policyholders. Both of these groups have provided huge relief in helping after disasters. United Policyholders will be on the ground in Oklahoma next week helping the survivors and WIND is matching members’ donations up to $15,000.00.

With two clicks on the links below you can help now.

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Granbury, Texas, a town west of the Dallas/Fort Worth area was devastated when tornadoes and hail storms ripped through the town taking six lives and injuring 100 others. Grapefruit sized hail pummeled roofs, damaged homes, and destroyed barns. More than 60 homes were destroyed, and 600 sustained damage. The most powerful tornadoes touched down in the Rancho Brazos neighborhood, where 97 of the 110 homes suffered damage. According to Mayor Pro Tem Nin Hulett, most were destroyed by winds estimated at 200 miles per hour. Before citizens of Granbury and Cleburne, Texas, were able to return to what was left of their communities, the deadly tornadoes struck Moore, Oklahoma.

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(*Chip Merlin’s Note–Rocco Calaci has been a noted meteorology expert witness in the Katrina Legal Wars. Click here to read his previous guest blogs)

Tropical Storm / Hurricane / Tropical Storm Isaac is gone, but it generated numerous tornadoes along the East Coast; from Florida to the Carolinas, in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. In my area of Northwest Florida, there were many public reports of tornadoes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Unfortunately, the large majority of these tornadoes were never reported to the proper authorities. This creates a huge problem for everyone.

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Recent tornado claims from the midwest and southern states are estimated to be over one billion dollars in damages. Generally, when people think of California, they think of earthquakes, wildfires and mudslides. However, over the last year, we have experienced unprecedented damage from rainfall and high winds. Southern California has experienced unusual prolonged wind gusts recorded up to 140 mph and has maintained an unusually cold climate this last year. Northern California has had its share of interesting weather too. The northern inland regions have seen their share of tornados in 2011. Thankfully, these incidents of tornados are isolated.

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The recent tornadoes in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee caused an unprecedented swath of destruction, and left hundreds of people dead or injured. The tornados completely demolished thousands of homes and damaged thousands of others. In the city of Tuscaloosa alone, there are reports of 200-mph winds which swept homes off their foundations.

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