The independent adjusters for Texas Windstorm Insurance Association may end up being some of the best witnesses for policyholders in the litigation that is starting. The desk TWIA adjusters in Austin are not listening to them and do not trust them to determine what is damage and what is not.

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A new client informed me last week that his wife was going to protest against the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) in Austin, Texas. From what I hear, she is going to have quite a few neighbors with her as they commemorate the sixth month anniversary of Hurricane Ike by creating a storm of controversy as they march to TWIA headquarters. Power to the People!

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My good buddy, Tom Grail, told me the parable of Hurricane Ike Insurance Claims. To appreciate this, one must first understand that the total loss structures in Galveston and Bolivar receive uniform estimates of wind damage from the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA). The amount of damage caused by wind for nearly every structure is approximately 11%. The reports are virtually identical for every total loss structure, despite differences in the age of the structure and quality of construction.

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I met with a new Texas client this morning and we noted the type of problems many will face in Texas.  First, a spokesperson of Texas Windstorm Insurance Association indicated in a news article that it was going to take its time, and ensure that the Texas wind pool would not pay for anything caused by storm surge.  This reminds me of State Farm’s old claims culture: "we pay not a penny more nor a penny less" than what is owed.  The problem with that is delay and continuous underpayment since the culture pushed to make claims overpayment a sin through a false but good sounding motto.

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