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Chocolatier Gets Sweet Revenge on Chubb

In a Second Circuit decision, the court of appeals revived Madelaine Chocolate Novelties Inc.’s Superstorm Sandy claim against Chubb for property damage and business interruption for an additional $49 million in coverage. In overruling the lower court, the appellate court found that the lower federal court failed to properly evaluate all the relevant policy provisions.1… Continue Reading

Court Allows Consequential Damages Claim to Proceed

Tiffany Tower Condominium LLC sustained damages during Superstorm Sandy. In November 2012, the insured filed a claim with their insurer, Insurance Company of Greater New York, for damages sustained during the storm. Greater New York paid the claim out in December 2012. In September 2014, Tiffany Tower submitted a supplemental claim to Greater New York … Continue Reading

Policyholders Should Carefully Pick Their Lawyers — Voss Law Firm Loses Hundreds of Hurricane Lawsuits

In this day of lawyer Internet advertising, policyholders should carefully consider the lawyers they select. Most of my policyholder lawyer colleagues I have met and worked with over the years doing this type of property insurance litigation are hard-working and ethical. But some other law firms that rely heavily on advertising utterly fail, and cause … Continue Reading

Was Superstorm Sandy a “Named Storm?”

Property insurance policies commonly contain a “Named Storm” deductible, which provides for a substantially higher deductible than other causes of loss. For example, the policy in AFP 104 Corp. v. Columbia Casualty Company1 contained a base deductible of $10,000 and a Named Storm deductible of $1 million per occurrence.… Continue Reading

Update on Superstorm Sandy Litigation in the Eastern District of New York

Earlier this week I was in New York City to attend a meeting of Plaintiffs’ attorneys represent policyholders in pending Superstorm Sandy cases in the Eastern District of New York (EDNY) federal court. In case you have missed our prior blogs, New York Federal Court Creates Miscellaneous Civil Case for Administration of Hurricane Sandy Claims, and … Continue Reading