In Oklahoma, insurance companies have an incentive to timely investigate and resolve claims submitted by insureds. Part of this incentive exists through a fee-shifting statute,1 where insureds can recover attorneys’ fees and costs if they are the prevailing party at trial. I recently wrote about an Oklahoma Supreme Court decision relating to recovery of fees and costs, Insured Oklahomans Have a Confirmed Right to Make Their Insurance Company Pay Their Attorneys Fees and Costs for Wrongfully Denied Claims.
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Michigan policyholders are entitled to timely payment of property insurance benefits. Many insurers take extraordinary measures to delay, deny, and underpay claims leaving policyholders in vulnerable positions. An insurance company’s statutory responsibility to pay interest on delayed claim payments incentivizes insurers to promptly settle viable property insurance claims.
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In two recent blog posts, I discussed Florida statutory interest which imposes a statutory duty on insurance carriers to pay interest on delayed payment of insurance proceeds.1 If you missed either blog post, then you find them here:

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