Steve Badger thought I was dead on the ropes. He left himself wide open when he admitted that the first three things he does when he wakes in the morning is to get a cup of coffee, open the news, and read Chip Merlin’s blog. The conservative Lloyd’s crowd laughed heartily when I replied that Steve’s life needs a little more excitement if reading this blog is making his first three things he does every morning list.
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Note: This guest blog post is by Holly Soffer, Esq., a policyholder attorney and General Counsel to the American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters.

Unfortunately, we are singing the same old song again in Louisiana, having to report new administrative actions filed against public adjusters for the unauthorized practice of law and licensing violations. The pursuit of these types of actions by the Louisiana Department of Insurance (LDI) has been dormant for a few years. As a result, some public adjusters have relaxed their concern about possible scrutiny by the LDI on their conduct. This is a mistake. Even armed with all the correct types of documents, however, one can still fall outside the law regarding conduct.
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Dave Young of ClaimWizard has a not-so-secret weapon for helping public adjuster clients — his wife, Lynette Young. The message I liked the best from Lynnette regarding the upcoming Public Adjuster Business Building Conference is “who it is not for” and three particular types:
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ClaimWizard is the leading public adjuster claims software company. Over 500 different public adjusting firms license their claims handling software. I routinely meet with and discuss claims handling issues with the ClaimWizard owners, Dave and Lynette Young, at various property insurance claims conferences throughout the country.
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A recent Texas Administrative Proceeding involving a public adjuster1 highlighted what public adjusters have to fear if investigated by a Department of Insurance. In the Texas case, here were the areas of inquiry:
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The answer to this question would have been “no” until a Texas appellate court sustained first amendment challenges to Texas law last week.1 Now, the answer in Texas is “maybe.” The matter is not resolved because the case has now been sent back to the trial court where evidence and facts will put a lot “legal meat” to this legal controversy.
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