Property insurance coverage cases provide lessons for others to follow. A recent Oklahoma federal court decision1 following a fire loss reflects why my book, PayUP!, suggests that public adjusters should be considered for retention shortly after any significant loss. The language from the opinion that caught my attention was the following:
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A Florida public adjuster called and asked if a Hurricane Ian national flood insurance proof of loss had to be filed within 60 days. That answer is “no,” as explained in Hurricane Ian Flood Proof of Loss Deadline Extended. FEMA extended the deadline for 365 days.
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Cal Spoon asked me to speak at the Mend The Fracture Conference. It will be held next week on November 11-12 at the Trump Hotel and Tower in Chicago. My presentation will be a one of a kind for a one of a kind conference. The title is To Be Rather Than Seem: Becoming Authentically Best In The Property Claims Business With Others Of A Similar Mindset.
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Nowhere to be found. That is the answer.

It is quite proper to warn people about unscrupulous scoundrels without licenses who are gauging Florida’s Hurricane Ian victims. Trying to ferret out those individuals and asking the public for information and to turn them in is something everybody supports.
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Donice Krueger came running into my study excitedly yelling that “Jimmy Patronis just called contractors and public adjusters locusts and predators on national television!” Since I just had a candid and positive discussion with Patronis the week before about hard issues confronting Florida’s insurance industry, I doubted that Florida’s Chief Financial Officer would say such slanderous things about entire trades of people trying to help others in their time of need. But then, Donice showed me the entire press conference.
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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a lawyer. He correctly noted at a Hurricane Ian press conference that there will be insurance claims disputes. He explained that the flood carrier will try to argue the damage was caused by the hurricane winds, and the wind insurer will do the opposite. He then went too far and tried to explain to the press how to distinguish one from the other.
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Note: This guest blog post is by Holly Soffer, Esq., a policyholder attorney and General Counsel to the American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters.

Unfortunately, as I write this, the Tampa Bay area seems to be directly on the path of Hurricane Ian. I have received a few texts today from friends and colleagues who have been asked to evacuate. I start by saying that my thoughts are with everyone affected by the storm.
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I have been receiving several inquiries about whether it is legal or ethical for public adjusters to sell a portion of their contingent fee to a funding company. For example, I received the following solicitation from a public adjuster who was solicited by a “funding company” that is associated with a law firm:
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This post is an update on Can Texas Roofing and Restoration Companies Advertise That They Are Insurance Specialists and Can Negotiate on the Policyholder’s Behalf? The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) has filed a Petition for the Texas Supreme Court to take up the case rather than simply returning to the trial level for further proceedings.1 Whether the Texas Supreme Court will do so is anybody’s guess, but the Petition has some very interesting arguments.
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Public adjusters perform valuable services for policyholders. In any complex property insurance loss, a policyholder should consider hiring a public adjuster. In my book, PayUp!, I noted how important it is to select a “good” public adjuster:
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