Friday at 2 is a quick recap of a few timely items of interest to the property insurance claims industry. It is a 15-minute summary by me of some of the recent important property insurance claims industry topics, and allows for some quick answers to questions posed to me earlier from the Tuesday At 2 With Chip, which is longer and more in depth on just one topic per week.
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The end is near! It truly is when it comes to Hurricane Irma insurance claims. The three-year notice to submit all claims is coming due very shortly. In a little more than a month, the deadline will pass. So, why not have a top-notch seminar to learn all about what to do and not to do regarding Hurricane Irma claims and earn four continuing education requirements at the same time?
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The “Culture of Cancel” is not with the Georgia Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (GAPIA.) Their Board is hardworking and progressive. They have set an online conference for Tuesday, July 14, 2020. So, you can attend from anywhere and still be there.
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Public adjusters play a critical role in claims adjudication process and can often serve as the policyholder’s ally in getting claims disputes resolved prior to litigation. The Arizona Revised Statutes define “Adjuster” as any person who for compensation, fee or commission either:
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Have you ever asked somebody if they can see “the handwriting on the wall?”1 You do not need to be a legal eagle to anticipate the probable outcome of this blog’s title question while reading the lower Florida appellate court’s ruling2 and how it phrased the certified question to the Florida Supreme Court:
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Insurance agents play a very important part of making the insurance product work for everybody. Most people and business owners rarely think of all the risks they face. Insurance customers certainly do not study insurance policy forms and coverages which will soften the financial blow should one of those risks of loss become a reality. The experienced and professional insurance agent studies these topics and can be an important advisor to insurance consumers.
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A recent case1 had the following fact pattern of facts and findings:

1. Public adjuster Erick Arias of Universal Loss Consultants, Inc., was hired as a loss consultant for the Plaintiffs with respect to the subject insurance claim.
2. Erick Arias produced an estimate for the Plaintiffs prior to the invocation of appraisal.
3. There exists a fiduciary relationship between Erick Arias and the Plaintiffs through the Plaintiffs’ counsel.
4. It is unreasonable to believe that Erick Arias would second-guess his initial estimate at appraisal.
5. There is too great a likelihood that neither Erick Arias, nor any other person affiliated with Universal Loss Consultants, Inc. could be disinterested for the purposes of appraisal as required by the appraisal provision of the subject policy.

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Merlin Law Group Attorney Mary Fortson celebrated her 20th year in our firm last week. In the summer of 2008, she met with Texas public adjusters Art Jansen and Jim Beneke about re-establishing the Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (TAPIA). Today, TAPIA has 100 paid members.
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