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California Mudslide Exclusions Unenforceable Where Wildfires Caused Slide

Most homeowners and commercial insurance policies contains exclusions for loss or damages caused by mudflow or other similar occurrences. An example of on such exclusion is included below: b. Earth Movement and Settlement, meaning earthquake, which includes land shock wavers or tremors before, during or after a volcanic eruption; landslide; mudflow; sinkhole; earth sinking, rising … Continue Reading

Anticoncurrent Causation Clauses in Illinois

With freezing temperatures and blizzards sweeping a good part of the country, I thought I would blog on a case about a swimming pool, giving us a subtle reminder that winter is temporary and spring is on its way. It also provides guidance on the status of anticoncurrent causation clauses in Illinois insurance policies.… Continue Reading

Florida Law On Multiple-Peril Losses

A recent opinion was issued from a Florida appellate court involving a property insurance claim that stemmed from multiple losses. The Second District Appeals Court of Florida noted in the opinion that the multiple-peril loss issue has not often arisen in Florida case law history regarding first-party property insurance claims. The case is American Home … Continue Reading

Efficient Proximate Cause: There May Be Coverage For An Excluded Cause of Loss

Recently, a small restaurant was vandalized. The damage caused by the vandals caused a water leak, which damaged the restaurant’s top floor bathroom and the bottom floor of the property. The damage was extensive, and the restaurant retained a water remediation company that same day. The restaurant’s owner retained a public adjuster who he used … Continue Reading

Does my insurance Policy cover this? Understanding The Proximate Causation Doctrine-Part 1

Every policyholder’s first question after a loss is: does my insurance policy cover this? Some policyholders have a named peril policy insuring against certain risks that are enumerated within the policy itself. Others have an all-risk policy that insures against every peril that is not specifically excluded under the terms of the policy. Regardless of … Continue Reading