"Charlie, I did not vote for you. I sent money to Jim Davis." That is what I told the Governor over a glass of wine last year. I have known both Jim Davis and Charlie Crist since the early 1980’s. I never dreamed they would run against each other for Governor in 2006. The Florida legislature created the Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Mission Task Force last spring. Governor Crist appointed me as one of his three selections to this Committee. I am grateful to the Governor and hope that I fulfill his expectations. I will report later on everything this Task Force is supposed to do, and then what it actually does.

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Allstate Insurance Companies are being called before the Florida Senate Select Committee to testify today and tomorrow regarding a number of issues, especially its rate filings.  I have publicy applauded this inquiry and those interested can read the Committee’s filings on the internet. The issues are a little broader than just rates.  The letter to Allstate