September 1970 was a time of big personal change for me. We were living outside Washington, D.C. and my father had just received orders to the National Data Buoy Project at NASA’s Mississippi Test Facility, now known as the Stennis Space Center. My mother, who grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was in tears wondering how her children were ever going to get an education in Hancock County, Mississippi. Three years later, she was crying as we left for Southern California. Rather than follow my father right away, we stayed an extra year, using an excuse that my father would be gone for nine months on a Coast Guard icebreaker. The best education and lessons I have ever had were from brothers of the Sacred Heart at Saint Stanislaus during seventh and eighth grades. Drew Brees had it right when he spoke of how much the New Orleans Saints football team means to New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast Region.

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Tragedy is sometimes followed by emotional and heartwarming stories overcoming the consequences of the initial disaster. In my line of work, I have seen survivors embrace each other, genuinely surprised each made it through a life threatening disaster. I have witnessed the compassion and caring that otherwise strangers show to their fellow brother and sister in time of need. Yesterday, I attended a wedding of two that only occurred because Hurricane Katrina brought them together.

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Following yesterday’s post, What is a Bad Faith Claim? Or, When Does an Insurance Claim Wrongfully Handled Become a Bad Faith Claim?, there were a couple of posts suggesting that class action lawsuits were the answer to wrongful claims practices. Frankly, most policyholders are more successful financially with individual cases than through class action cases in insurance matters. Many class settlements are nothing other than the insurer buying its way out of a bigger mess and paying off attorneys looking for a big payday. Our firm is very selective about class matters because of the “good for the attorney’s pocket versus bad for the client’s pocket” conflict.

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There is nothing like combining business with pleasure. I suppose if your business is fun, you are always having a party at work. Today, I am meeting with my bad faith insurance attorney colleagues. Tonight, I will celebrate the Port of New Orleans litigation with my client, co-counsel and legal staff.

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Life’s lessons can be very beneficial if you actually remember them and change your behavior according to what you have learned. I was lucky to watch my father as he lead various tours of duty in the Coast Guard. Both the ordinary seaman and the Chiefs that ran the ships seemed to respect him. He always treated everybody as important because they were. He always thanked them, and then showed his appreciation.

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The Associated Press ran a story confirming that a settlement was approved in the Port of New Orleans case last Thursday. The Associated Press correctly noted that the amount of the settlement is confidential. I am happy that the Port will be able to start on various projects. Sometimes, parties to lawsuits end as enemies. In this case, I am certain Factory Mutual is happy for the Port as well. I would not be surprised to find that Factory Mutual insures the Port again when the current policy comes up for renewal.

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