National Flood Program

Flood insurance claims are different than regular property insurance claims because virtually all flood insurance claims have to follow federal regulations. The vast majority of all flood insurance policies are written through the National Flood Program. Even if a private company known as a Write Your Own (WYO) is listed as the insurer on the first pages of the policy, these insurers are merely participants in the National Flood Program and the ultimate payments do not come from them but out of the United States Treasury.
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A case recently came in front of the court regarding a claim for damage caused by Hurricane Irma. The case is Rodriguez v. Wright National Flood Ins. Co., No. 4:18-cv-10077 (S.D. Fla. Aug. 14, 2018). In Rodriguez, the defendant, Wright National Flood Insurance Company, a write-your-own insurance carrier that is part of the government’s National Flood Insurance Program (“NFIP”), insured plaintiff’s property in Key West, Florida, under a Standard Flood Insurance Policy (“SFIP”).
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Attorneys’ fees are often sought by insureds in the course of litigation for insurance claims. However, they are not guaranteed and are not always granted. In a recent ruling in Brown v. Wright National Flood Insurance Company,1 the court dismissed the insured’s claim for attorneys’ fees.
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In a June 7, 2018, FEMA bulletin, W-18013, FEMA discusses several claims process enhancements and claims handling reminders that apply to all claims with a date of loss of June 7, 2018 through December 31, 2018. The enhancements to the NFIP’s claim process are in response to the widespread flooding that occurred in 2017.
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