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The Wall Street Journal ran a story, In Hurricane Ian’s Wake Insurers and Homeowners Gear Up For Coverage Fights, about the wind versus flood dilemma. This is a major issue that will cause headaches to Hurricane Ian policyholders with the most significant damage, property insurance adjusters trying to designate which peril caused which damage, and restoration contractors dealing with multiple carriers for one construction project. The journalist interviewed me while doing his research and published this in the story:
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National Flood Insurance claims are exacting. I watched and listened to the National Flood adjuster briefing yesterday afternoon. Most policyholders have no clue that National Flood claims are the most difficult property insurance claims to be correctly completed and that the insurance adjuster from National Flood has no authority. The field flood adjuster is merely an accommodation to the policyholders and is there to assist in making the claim. National Flood claims are draconian because of technicalities that are very difficult to fight.
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The National Flood Insurance program is hosting an adjuster briefing today at 4 pm EST. While I have a number of criticisms of the program, I commend them for providing their claims manuals online and having public disclosures explaining how they intend to adjust flood claims.

Here is the link:

Thought For The Day

A recent case1 shows that every technical step regarding proof of loss requirements in the flood claims process has to be followed, even if the steps are meaningless. Federal law regarding flood claims is draconian. It is the worst law against policyholders. Attempts at legal reform of the claims processes have fallen on deaf ears. It is a “heads I win, tails you lose” situation if a flood policyholder challenges any claims decision.
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The National Flood Insurance Program has been subject to abuse by those in charge of its claims operation. Examples of this are found in previous blog posts, New Jersey Senator Menendez Calls for Investigation into Manipulated Expert Reports, and Senators Launch Sandy Task Force in Washington, DC. A November 2021 Press Release by Senator Menendez called for National Flood Program reform through new legislation and noted in part:
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Federal common law interpreting the rules and regulations of the National Flood Program is usually not helpful to policyholders. It has truly become a situation where technical, literal rules are followed to the letter of the law rather than any intent or spirit for why the rule was written. In this “form over substance” common law, which federal judges feel compelled to follow, an important lesson is to follow those rules in an exacting manner or risk losing insurance benefits. One recent case held that an attorney at law, while acting with authority for the client, cannot sign the proof of loss form for the policyholder client.1
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With hurricane season nearing fast, now is the time to check up on your insurance policy to determine whether you are covered on all fronts. Standard homeowners insurance policies do not cover damage from flooding, meaning policyholders are required to obtain supplemental flood insurance to protect their home against potential storm surges. While most policyholders obtain flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program, there are private insurer options available to those looking for another option.
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The National Flood Insurance Program is a tough federal insurance program. There is a recent case which was thrown out of court because the policyholder tried to do it himself. [1] It is another example that when FEMA officials say the government Is there to help with your flood claim, you will find out differently very quickly if you disagree with them on anything.
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Hurricane and Tropical Storm Eta has left a flood claims hangover from Florida throughout the Carolinas. Since the National Flood Insurance program administrators appear to be stingy and failing to watch out for their fellow Americans by not granting flood proof of loss extensions, policyholders need to get started properly filing their claims right away.
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