National Flood Program

The National Flood Program is different. It follows its own rules and regulations based on federal law, not state law. Public adjusters and contractors have been writing and calling to say that the flood payment checks do not include their names. Warning—you should expect that they will not include your name and that your payment will come directly to the policyholder. Policyholders and their public adjusters and contractors need to make upfront decisions about how to handle national flood payments between themselves.
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National Flood Insurance adjustments can be extraordinarily maddening for people trying to get a fair adjustment. For example, the Superstorm Sandy flood adjustment fiasco led to a Congressional investigation and thousands of flood claims being re-opened and eventually paid years late because those overseeing the program and its attorneys nitpicked and refused to pay claims for the stupidest wrongful reasons.
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Only the United States government could come up with the craziest scheme of national flood insurance. I keep trying to explain how the first-floor flood of an elevated building has only limited coverage—why do freezers get paid for but not refrigerators? It makes no sense, but God Love The USA!
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This morning I was teaching over 200 adjusters about how to properly adjust claims with multiple causes of loss from wind and flood caused by a hurricane. This seminar, Slabbed: Making a Wind and Flood Claim on the Same Structure, was for members of the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (FAPIA). I have personally handled thousands of these unique claims. Unfortunately, many adjusters do not do it right. As a result, policyholders will often suffer because they fail to receive all benefits available under the policies covering this type of loss.
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The Wall Street Journal ran a story, In Hurricane Ian’s Wake Insurers and Homeowners Gear Up For Coverage Fights, about the wind versus flood dilemma. This is a major issue that will cause headaches to Hurricane Ian policyholders with the most significant damage, property insurance adjusters trying to designate which peril caused which damage, and restoration contractors dealing with multiple carriers for one construction project. The journalist interviewed me while doing his research and published this in the story:
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