You can tell it is not an election year when consumers lose valuable rights because politicians, who promised to serve them, vote against consumer interests. Yesterday, I wrote a post, Good Guys Prevail Over Insurance Lobby, about a pro-consumer victory in the Florida House of Representatives. The loss was in the Florida Senate, where the insurance industry is supported by many key Florida Senators.

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Matt Gaetz is running for a seat in the Florida House of Representatives. His chances of getting elected have become better since former Governor Jeb Bush provided his endorsement to Gaetz. Here is Gaetz commenting on the endorsement:

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Imagine if we had truly knowledgeable advocates for insurance consumers in our legislatures. Many politicians advertise they are for policyholders as election day approaches, but they refuse to push any agenda other than the insurance industry’s the rest of the time. In Florida’s past legislative session, Florida Senator Don Gaetz, sponsored three significant pieces of insurance consumer legislation protecting the rights of policyholders regarding the fair treatment of claims. The person helping to write that legislation, his son Matt Gaetz, is now running for the Florida House of Representatives and he deserves support from those who want strong laws protecting Floridians from slow, frustrating, and wrongful insurance claim handling.

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