All adjusters, whether company, independent, or public, have significant ethical obligations in Florida. Indeed, these adjusters even have an obligation to turn each other into the Department of Financial Services. The failure to do so is, by itself, a breach of the adjuster’s ethical obligations:

(g) An adjuster shall promptly report to the Department any conduct by any licensed insurance representative of this state which violates any provision of the Insurance Code or Department rule or order.

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The Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (TAPIA) held its first meeting in Houston, Texas, yesterday. I was happy to see that the organization has dedicated itself to a mission of protecting policyholders. I was also happy that Mary Fortson, of our firm, was selected as its General Counsel.

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Mary Fortson has been quite busy working with Jim Beneke and Art Jansen reinstating the non-profit and corporate status of TAPIA for the past several months. With that accomplished, there will be an introductory meeting to which all licensed Texas public insurance adjusters are welcome and encouraged to attend immediately following the Merlin Law Group Hurricane Ike–What a Difference a Year Makes Seminar on September 11, 2009.

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