Insurance on vessels and cargo is one of the oldest forms of property insurance. One of the first questions when dealing with any type of policy involving boats, marinas, cargo, and even docks is whether state insurance or admiralty law applies to a given situation. It is not a well-settled area of the law, as demonstrated by language from a recent decision.1

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I grew up on the water as the son of a United States Coast Guard officer. Racing sailboats was something I grew to love. When I was 19 years old, I read a Sports Illustrated article about an iconic 70-foot racing sailboat named Merlin. Merlin was a first of its kind ultra-lightweight ocean racing yacht that set a record in its race from Los Angeles to Honolulu. I promised myself that if I ever had the means, I would purchase her. In 2017, I did just that and have written about some of my adventures in Mavericks & Merlins: Sailors And Renegades Leave Shore, What About You?

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Sometimes, Insurance companies make mistakes when denying or underpaying boat insurance claims.1 Since I practice insurance law and own more boats than a family of four can be on at the same time, I often get calls from frustrated friends and acquaintances complaining about the bad adjustment of their boat claim.
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