Louisiana recently completed its 2023 legislative session. As expected, the most recent session was very busy, especially in the area of property insurance legislation. Facing a dwindling and increasingly expensive insurance market and recent reforms in Florida, Louisiana was confronted with numerous bills attempting to address the perceived problems in its insurance market.

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While I have often said that appraisal is the Wild West of insurance claims resolution because there are no written rules, I suggest readers of this blog take a few minutes to read a bill pending in the Louisiana legislature1 and ponder the question I never thought I would say: 

Are We Better Off With No Written Rules When It Comes To Appraisal Other State Common Law? 

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The Louisiana Department of Insurance has taken the extraordinary step of filing an administrative action against a Texas-based law firm. I have been working in the first-party insurance claims business for over forty years. I have never seen anything like this.  

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This morning’s post, Insurance Defense Attorneys Trying To Be The New Appraisal Stars—And Pick Up More Business Doing So, noted that a leading Louisiana insurance defense attorney suggests that insurers should invoke appraisal as a technique to avoid Louisiana law requiring prompt and full payment following claim investigation. This may be a motive in a recent case for an insurer in Louisiana to fight off arguments of waiver to invoke appraisal.1

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