If organized criminals in Texas wanted to get off easier and pay less for their misdeeds, they would probably hire lobbyists to make up a propaganda campaign to change laws to go easier on crooks. This is similar to what the insurance industry and their trade groups plan to do in Texas this year – they want to lessen penalties and personal accountability for cheating, delaying, and wrongfully denying property insurance claims.

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An insurance lobby sponsored blog recently made some controversial claims regarding public adjuster fee caps. Obviously, many lobbying for the insurance claims industry would like to prevent anybody from helping policyholders. One way to do accomplish this would be to prevent policyholders from hiring claims professionals. This was the obvious goal of that insurance industry blog.

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The insurance industry never rests when it comes to lobbying and politics. The Florida Insurance Council has a new leader who used to be its old leader. Insurance lobbyist Cecil Pearce has taken over the reigns from Guy Marvin. Here is a little about Pearce from the press release:

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Today is the day Governor Crist decides the fate of the pending property insurance bill by choosing whether to exercise his veto. Yesterday, investigative journalist Paige St. John‘s article, Lobby Had a Hand in Insurance Bill, was on the front page of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. While I was unsuccessfully advocating for policyholders this past legislative session, I observed the insurance lobby, with an army of insurance lawyer lobbyists, seemingly writing most of the proposed laws that eventually passed. Indeed, I have not found one quote from a Florida representative claiming to have stopped any insurance industry sponsored law.

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I have long found it odd that insurance companies, especially policyholder owned companies such as State Farm, allow their lobbyists to lobby against the interests of their policyholders. A recent article, Does Industry Lobbying Pose Ethical Challenges?, by Dr. Peter R. Kensicki, CPCU, raises this issue. Kensicki is an insurance professor and has been in a leadership position on the ethics committee of the Society of CPCU and has written many insurance ethics articles.

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Julie Patel of the Sun-Sentinel published Battle Brewing Over Public Insurance Adjusters which was preceded by Florida Cabinet Tables Insurance Fee for Hurricane Claims: Fraud Suspected and a St. Petersburg Times article "State Delays Bond Sale for Hurricane Wilma Claims.” In each of these, the message from the insurance industry was clear:

The Florida Insurance Council, Property Casualty Insurers Association of America and the Florida Property Casualty Association issued statements Wednesday backing bills filed this week by Sen. Mike Bennett, R-Bradenton, and Rep. Janet Long, D-Seminole. They say public adjusters — who represent homeowners in claims disputes with their insurer — inflate claims, driving up costs for all policyholders.

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I am an advocate for insurance policyholders. I am accountable to them. Our firm accomplishes the results they expect through a "can do" outlook, innovation and the timeless All-American mother of most success– hard work.

I was imagining what it would be like to make a living as an insurance industry lobbyist. Lobbyists are usually lawyers or staffers that go by a title such as a "governmental affairs assistant." Some are the directors of various insurance trade organizations. Insurance companies measure their lobbyists’ accountability in a different way.

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