Kelly and Craig Kubiak successfully presented a case to a jury this week involving a dispute with a long time USAA policyholder following a denial of her property insurance claim. The $245,000 jury verdict came after lengthy and contentious litigation with USAA. The opposing counsel and his law firm are one of the most successful in Florida. The most USAA ever offered in settlement to our client was fifty thousand dollars, so our client was thrilled and in tears following the jury’s verdict.

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(Note: This Guest Blog is by Kelly Kubiak, an attorney with Merlin Law Group in the Tampa, Florida, Office).

Some insurance companies feel that although they may not have investigated a Florida loss promptly during the time period Florida suffered successive hurricanes, the companies have an excuse due to the vast amount of claims.

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I wonder how concerned some insurance companies would be if they learned that one of their former managers who was responsible for claims conduct lawsuits spoke to a group of policyholder attorneys. After hearing and learning from such an individual yesterday, I have a new appreciation for how sophisticated the litigation management can be in some insurance companies and how important discovery involving improper insurance company conduct can be to success for my clients. I also wondered how much of a disservice some attorneys do to their clients by failing to invest time and money in conferences such as this.

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Nowdoucit from Slabbed wrote a comment to my post, Surplus Lines Insurers, Sinkholes, and the Law of Mars, concerning the selection of lawyers:

"The more cases I read, the more convinced I become of the importance of retaining an attorney experienced in insurance claims litigation – better yet, experienced and successful.

The case you cited, Chip, is a different but compelling example of the difference that can make."

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There is nothing like combining business with pleasure. I suppose if your business is fun, you are always having a party at work. Today, I am meeting with my bad faith insurance attorney colleagues. Tonight, I will celebrate the Port of New Orleans litigation with my client, co-counsel and legal staff.

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