Gaps in coverage and uninsured losses occur for a number of reasons. Most policyholders are not in the insurance business. They have a very limited understanding of the product they are buying and how risks they face may be insured. In Property Insurance Resolutions for 2010, which follows Concerns and Resolutions for Property Risk Management in 2009, published in the IRMI.comWilliam Austin makes the following observations:

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Michelle Claverol has been writing a weekly post every Sunday regarding business interruption and extra expense issues. I can tell that weekend posts are not read as often as those published during the workweek. I encourage those involved with commercial claims to go back and review her discussions of this important commercial coverage. She went home to visit with her family this weekend, and her leave provides me an opportunity to address a business income question that is asked of me on a fairly frequent basis:

What happens in the valuation of a business income claim when the business closes or is sold after the loss?

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