(*Chip Merlin’s NoteSandy Burnette is a prominent insurance defense attorney with exceptional experience in cases where insurance fraud or arson are suspected. I have known Sandy for 27 years. As you can see from his rhetoric, he is a fierce defender for those engaged in the fight against insurance fraud. Keeping with my Fair and Balanced blog, I invited Sandy to compose a guest post reflecting his views and experience.)

Well, seeing my name mentioned in your recent blog on insurance fraud was certainly enough to capture my attention, but the content of your remarks compels me to respond. Nobody who knows the two of us will be surprised to see we disagree, but in this instance you are simply wrong, Chip.

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Maybe yours  and Barry Zalma‘s comments regarding the amount of fraud are correct. However, you provide no objective and reliable data to support your comments. Without that information, your unsupported statistics are little more than fear and suspicion-mongering, which governments and corporations use all the time to influence their citizens and customers.

I received a comment to a recent blog regarding a perception among many of my colleagues that insurance companies are fabricating the amount of insurance fraud that goes on in the United States. I think the comment is important to highlight because it is an admission that the insurance industry fabricated those statistics. Barry Zalma wrote in part:

Although insurance fraud exists and is recognized by insurers and police agencies, no one really knows how extensive it is because most frauds succeed and are never recognized; others are recognized and paid by the insurer who is unwilling to get into a long and drawn out fight with the fraud perpetrator; and a very few are caught and prosecuted.

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