“Not with Hurricane Michael claims” is the answer to these questions being screamed by policyholders, contractors and public adjusters. The blog title and questions were plucked from CJW’s website which also says most adjusters have a difficult time making accurate estimates but CJW does not because their adjusters “work ‘round the clock” to make accurate estimates:

Accuracy: how easy it is to claim (and most adjusters do). How difficult it is to fulfill.

At CJW, high accuracy and precise teamwork are a way of life. From in-depth analysis of the policy to determine the limits of coverage…to daily reviewing of exposures and minimizing the risks of over- or under-reserving. CJW’s seasoned TPA managers will work ’round the clock, if necessary, to make sure all data, files and reports are as close to the mark as is humanly possible.

But then, isn’t that just what you’d expect from masters of the craft?1
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An excellent and successful insurance company defense attorney, Bill Berk and I were on a panel presentation at the 2019 Windstorm Insurance Conference earlier this year. Berk reminded the audience of adjusters that under Florida law, they should not be saying or implying bad things about each other. He noted this Florida regulation:

A public adjuster shall not represent or imply to any client or potential client that insurers, company adjusters, or independent adjusters routinely attempt to, or do in fact, deprive claimants of their full rights under an insurance policy. No insurer, independent adjuster, or company adjuster shall represent or imply to any claimant that public adjusters are unscrupulous, or that engaging a public adjuster will delay or have other adverse effect upon the settlement of a claim.
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While Hurricane Lane threatens Hawaii with huge storm surge, high wind and heavy rain, officials are preparing for the impact of insurance claims after the Category 2 Storm.
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An older retired Florida Circuit Court judge once told me that his first job out of law school was in the claims department of an insurance company. He told me that all the company’s “adjusters” were licensed attorneys and that it was common for attorneys to act in that capacity during the 1930’s.
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NBC announced that it will launch a new sitcom about insurance. A primetime show about insurance could be everything but thrilling, however to get ratings, the network was smart. It cast Vanessa Hudgens, a likeable actress with a list of strong successes in her short career, and added a new element. The show that will tell the stories of the regular folks living in the land comic superheroes who are tasked with the cleanup after the superheroes avert a series of world-ending crisis. The name Powerless comes from the fact that Hudgens and her colleagues are regular people who do not have the superpowers of Captain America or Wonder Woman, and is labeled as a workplace comedy.

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Many homeowners who experience a loss for the first time and are not familiar with the insurance claim process contact their insurance agent before anyone else. While the homeowner may instinctively report the claim to the insurance agent because he is the first person to come to mind or there is a relationship built over the years, it is important for homeowners to know that agents are not responsible for handling your claim. Insurance agents sell the policy, and other than helping procure the insurance requested, they generally have no other duty. An insurance agent who receives a call from a homeowner reporting a claim should refer the homeowner to the claims department.

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When a policyholder files an insurance claim for property damage, most have two expectations:

  1. My insurance will delivery and I will be able to return my property back to its condition before the disaster.
  2. My insurance company will assign a person to help me who has the experience, time, and ability to make No. 1 a reality.

If you reading this blog, then chances are your insurance company failed to live up to your expectations. In a recent article in Claims Journal, reporter Denise Johnson gives some insight into what insurance company adjusters are doing instead of responding to your problems. The data from her article comes from the Claims Journal 2013 Job & Salary Survey.1

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I am writing this blog in terminal C at Salt Lake City International Airport after spending two days in conference with my Merlin Law Group colleagues and one of the foremost insurance experts in the nation. This eye opening seminar confirmed that many in the insurance industry are not good neighbors, they are not there to help, and now exist solely for profit. Hurricane Sandy has given New Jersey an education in property insurance claims handling. Many are learning what those in Florida, Texas, and other storm prone states have known for decades.

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Myths and rumors in the property adjusting community are puzzling to me. As the current President of the Windstorm Insurance Network®, I was copied on an internet post that wrongly indicated that the Windstorm Insurance Conference® had attendance by public insurance adjusters that outnumbered the attendance of insurance adjusters by a four to one margin. The statement was ignorant and completely wrong.

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