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FEMA Extends Deadline to Request Hurricane Sandy Claims Review

While we are all preparing for the possibility of Hurricane or (hopefully) Tropical Storm Joaquin hitting the tri-state area, many east coast residents are still recovering from Superstorm Sandy. To assist people who missed the previous September 15th deadline, FEMA has now extended the deadline to re-open your Sandy claim to October 15th. Additionally, the … Continue Reading

Governor Cuomo asks HUD to waive DOB for Sandy victims

On August 13th, Governor Cuomo asked U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro to waive the Duplications of benefits regulation for homeowners affected by Superstorm Sandy. Duplication of benefits arises when a policyholder is paid for their property loss from one source (ie insurance carrier or government run program) and receive additional funding from … Continue Reading

So I Have A Boat In My Front Yard Following Super Storm Sandy; Will My Flood Insurer Cover The Removal Of It And Other Non-Owned Debris? – Part 5

Well it appears that this may be the last post in this series about national flood coverage of non-owned debris removal / boat in my front yard case. On Friday, April 17, 2015, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit denied the policyholders’ Petition for Rehearing.1… Continue Reading

Unethical Claims Cultures Promote Outcome Oriented Expert Reports

Nicole Vinson‘s post State Farm Sued for Fraud for Katrina: More Altered Engineering Reports Alleged, a recent filing by my co-liaison counsel Steve Mostyn, and one by Javier Delgado, prompted me to write about how groups of people with power can dictate an unethical claims culture biased and driven to pre-determined outcomes. I strongly encourage those … Continue Reading

So I Have A Boat In My Front Yard Following Super Storm Sandy; Will My Flood Insurer Cover The Removal Of It And Other Non-Owned Debris? – Part 4

There has been some further activity to report in the flood non-owned debris, boat in my front yard case. This topic peaked my interest in the wake of Super Storm Sandy, and is my fourth update on the case. Often there will be debris scattered all around people’s yards following a flood event, especially one … Continue Reading

Court Rules Flood Sublimits Do Not Apply to Loss Caused by Storm Surge

On March 23, 2015, New Jersey Superior Court Judge Thomas R. Vena handed down an opinion1 siding with the plaintiff, PSEG, ruling that storm surge caused by Superstorm Sandy should not trigger flood sublimits in PSEG’s insurance policies, as the term “storm surge” was included in the definition of a “named windstorm” in the policies.… Continue Reading

Superstorm Sandy Draft Estimates of Damage Ordered Produced–Have They Been Altered as Well?

All estimates of damage, including draft estimates of damage made by adjusters, have been ordered to be produced in a Superstorm Sandy flood damage case.1 Typically, insurance company flood attorneys have made the same arguments they made regarding drafts of engineering reports—“We and our clients do not have them, judge."… Continue Reading