Governor Scott has just declared a state of emergency for the entire State of Florida and every county within the State. Let’s face it, as of this morning the forecast track and strength of Tropical Storm Erika has changed repeatedly with each hurricane center update. But as of the time that I am writing this post, it is predicted to traverse the spine of the Florida peninsula and could have wide-reaching affects for Florida residents.

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South Carolina and North Carolina look like they will take the main impacts of Ana. The National Hurricane Center reported today that the storm is moving towards the coast bringing high winds, flooding, life-threatening surf conditions, and heavy rain.

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As the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season has begun with the first tropical storm officially named Arthur, Nicole Vinson reminds policyholders to verify their insurance coverage.  Arthur is moving in a northwest direction up the Atlantic coast with a position for landfall on the coast of North Carolina.  Nicole Vinson is a licensed attorney in both North Carolina and Florida.

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This past week marked the beginning of the Atlantic Hurricane season which runs from June 1st through November 30th 2014, with peak season from mid-August to late October. Coastal communities from Atlantic Canada, through the U.S. Eastern and Gulf Coasts, Latin America, and the Caribbean are vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical storms during this 6 month period.

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The 2013 Hurricane Season is just around the corner. I normally do not worry much about early season hurricanes because the "big ones" normally do not start rolling until August. Still, this time of the year a number of prognosticators release their predictions about the upcoming hurricane season. I suggest a better use of one’s time is spent thinking about the types of insurance coverage you have. Further, you should prepare your homes, businesses, and yourself for a hurricane catastrophe. The Merlin Rule of Probability states that the odds of a hurricane striking you decrease with the more insurance coverage you buy and the better you prepare for its occurrence. Insurance agents and disaster preparedness companies should quote me in their sales presentations.

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As I write this article, we are all wondering what Hurricane Sandy could bring to the populous region of the Northeastern United States. There are talks of a “super storm” potentially worse than Hurricane Irene and 1991’s “perfect storm.” The talk of the cause of this unusual “super storm” is the arctic jet stream wrapping itself around a tropical storm, possibly causing up to 12 inches of rain in some areas, as well as several feet of snowfall in the Appalachian Mountains. Just when it does not seem that this “super storm” could get any worse, Sandy’s ETA just happens to coincide with a full moon in the spirit of Halloween for what others have dubbed “Frankenstorm.” The full moon means potentially higher than usual tides.

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