Last week, in Florida District Court of Appeal Says “Gamesmanship” By Insurance Counsel Warrants a New Trial, Shaun Marker wrote about insurance counsel who found themselves in hot water after making improper legal arguments in court during a hurricane insurance claim trial. This week I continue in that vein with another recent case in which State Farm counsel faced a strong rebuke from a Louisiana federal court after making misleading legal arguments to the court in a separate hurricane insurance case.

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I just finished a two day settlement conference of a commercial insurance claim dispute held on the 51st floor of Fulbright & Jaworski in Houston. The view from the conference room was beautiful and in juxtaposition to the manner my client felt the insurance claim was handled. As is becoming customary for many of my cases, the terms of the settlement are confidential. The resolution ended very amicably, although the process was somewhat frustrating. The significant aspect to others is this was a matter whose facts are similar to, and seem repeated in, thousands of other Texas losses, no matter if the loss is small or a complex middle eight figure claim. Insurance claim denials and delays seem commonplace in Texas.

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My work day started at 4:30 am EDT in Tampa, with a trip to South Padre Island regarding a Hurricane Dolly dispute. It will end at sunset following meetings on Hurricane Ike matters. As my pilots are working on getting me safely home through the summer Gulf Coast weather, I am wondering how Judy Guice did in her argument earlier today before the Mississippi Supreme Court.

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As I mentioned in yesterday’s afternoon blog, FEMA issued a signed memorandum authorizing an additional 60 day extension for Ike and Gustav victims to submit a proof of loss. Now a policyholder has a total of 330 days from the date the damage was incurred to file. The memorandum notes that FEMA will be closely monitoring the extension to determine whether additional extensions are warranted. This 60 day reprieve may be your last chance to file a proof of loss and recover the insurance proceeds you are owed. Failing to timely and properly file a flood proof of loss is a bar to recovery of the claim.

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(IMPORTANT UPDATE TO THIS POST:  On February 20, 2009, the NFIP Administrator issued an additional 90-day extension to file proofs of loss for Hurricane Ike and Gustav.)

We are still receiving questions regarding Federal Flood Proofs of Loss. The Proofs of Loss have to be filled out correctly and received by certain dates, which have been extended regarding Hurricane Gustav and Hurricane Ike claims.

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Just when the lights are turned back on, roads cleared and the messes cleaned up from Tropical Storm Fay and Hurricane Gustav, here come the next two platinum hits on the 2008 Storm Charts. Tropical Storm Hanna cannot seem to figure herself out.  She will likely move along the Carolinas and up the Atlantic Coastline. Hurricane