The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) has a new operations plan and laws that affect it, assuming Governor Perry signs the legislation. The good news for TWIA policyholders is that the consumer protections of Chapter 541 are still in place. The bad news is that I predict rates are going to increase substantially.

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What happened to the time when a significant insurance coverage decision arrived and everybody in my line of work analyzed that topic for several years? Now, the insurance industry is writing so many new and differently worded forms, it is hard to rely upon case decisions as being of widespread significance. If a case decision is made which insurance companies want to avoid, they re-write the policy or the insurance industry lobbies legislators to change the statutory law "gaming" the insurance business to outcomes predetermined in the insurer’s favor. Accordingly, I spend more time researching trends of politics. I also review insurance trade journals to contemplate how my policyholder clients may be impacted.

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The politics of insurance is tough for consumer champions. The insurance lobby has many faces and methods of forcing its position. In Florida, the dirty campaign against those governmental officials who stand up to State Farm and the big insurance industry has begun in earnest.
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I am an advocate for insurance policyholders. I am accountable to them. Our firm accomplishes the results they expect through a "can do" outlook, innovation and the timeless All-American mother of most success– hard work.

I was imagining what it would be like to make a living as an insurance industry lobbyist. Lobbyists are usually lawyers or staffers that go by a title such as a "governmental affairs assistant." Some are the directors of various insurance trade organizations. Insurance companies measure their lobbyists’ accountability in a different way.

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